Man is the center of the universe, but only within his center. The future is not like shopping street where every store window offers a ready-made new event, waiting to be experienced by this walker. The future is in man himself. Man, his gene and his cell structure embodies the records of the past. He is the source and the cause of his own fortune. It is not the problem to predict the future, but to create the future within one's self by an act of will. Man must take responsibility for himself and then act effectively, for the events of life are all but a mirror reflection of man's inner state and potential.

The adept, the initiate knows that the Wheel of Destiny is within himself. He knows to how to turn the wheel as he pleases. Rising from the animal kingdom, he has the power of a lion, the strength of the bull, the wisdom of the serpent and the immortality of the phoenix. Man's power rests within his ability to master himself.

Those who gain access to their center and master themselves, master life. They penetrate to the axis of the sacred wheel. There, they find access to the akashic records, the memory of the genes, the blood and the cells, the everlasting wisdom of humanity.


This is the missing stone from the temple of Solomon, the foundation of wisdom. On its face, we see the genius of humanity, the Khidr of the Muslims, the Archangel Gabriel. He is an ancient spaceman who brought the science of the atom to earth.


The bull represents man's strength.


The phoenix represents man's innate immortality.


The lion represents man's bravery.



The Wheel of Destiny is within the man of wisdom. He turns it as he pleases and thereby, creates his future by an act of will. The common man is chained to the terrible wheel of fate that moves him hither and thither.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!