A review of the concept of the cards, by Greg Henry Waters


In reading the cards and viewing the pictures one has to have complete openness of acceptance of the words and ideas.  For you will go into the future 1000 of years and into the past 1000 of years.  The yogi takes you into outer space and into the 31 old civilizations.  You must be willing to accept this creative thought and ideas to grow in the spirit within you.


He writes this, from the Two of Cups Card, “He is conducting the hieros gamos, the sacred marriage between spirit and soul. Above him is the symbol of the ancient star dynasty of Mesopotamia. The sun is the left indicates that the sage is also a Sun initiate, an initiate of the sublime wisdom and sciences of the Atlantean sun dynasty  So, one must be willing to accept these words to grow out of the mechanical thought process of everyday life.  This is the beauty of these cards in that it takes us into places we have never thought of or ever imagined. How many people know of the Atlantean Sun Dynasty?  I must say I never have heard of it.  But through these cards and wisdom of thought we go to and believe in places we never heard of and it expands our minds into places we never thought of.


The cards read sometimes in a very negative thought process, but at the end it ends up so positive.  This was the conclusion I came too after doing a Tarot reading.  It is quite different from the traditional Tarot and its point of view is different too.  It is more to the spiritual side of ourselves rather to the direct personal side of our beings and goals in the traditional tarot experience.


So when one does a reading it is important that the purpose of the reading is to bring you closer to your being and to give you extreme courage in your life.  I have to do more readings and come to more conclusions about this effort and what it can do for our lives.  Because isn’t this the goal of the learning process! It is to allow us to grow in an open freeway and not in the dogma of institutions and societies.


 “Love is the highest point of wisdom.” The Space Age Tarot, Two of Cups Card! 


After casting the great oracle, the consultee should meditate on the two great pyramids in front of him and let visions and intuitions rise from within his unconscious. He should then immerse himself into the innermost depths of the great ocean of the unconscious.


From the Great Pyramid Reading, “The pyramid features an oracle covering the human life in its entirety from the moment of birth to the moment of death.”