Mankind is chained to the rock of ignorance by his animal nature, his lower drives. The liberation of the human race began when man started gazing at the eternal sky with wondrous eyes.

This great experience led to the appearance of ancient cosmo gonies, astrology, mathematics and technology, and of ancient religions. The stars became the pantheons of the gods. It is the eye of Horus, the falcon god of ancient Egypt, that conveys the message to contemporary man, that all the sciences of humanity and most of human civilizations.

The Blue Star manifests the forces that account for the rising of man from the animal kingdom, that account for the mental awakening of the human race and for the birth of consciousness. Man is chained to the ground by crude carnality.

Only his animal portion can function within this situation. He is the beast man, the beast woman. The eight pointed star indicates man's quest for mastery of his five regular and his three extra senses (telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition). This process initiated with man observing the glorious sky, setting out to comprehend the mysteries of the gods and the cosmos and finally, discovering within himself the micro cosmos, the universe within.

The eight point star stands for the birth of reason and rationality, science, mathematics and technology.


The rock of ignorance is covered with the blood and tears of the Suffering millions. It rises from within the abyss of human animal Nature.


The six point star is black and stands for mental darkness.


Both are chained to their animal nature and their lower drives, yet they are longing for the salvation of the Blue Star.


The symbol for the rise of consciousness, the birth of reason and spirit, of science, mathematics and technology.


You are a prisoner of your drives, your animal nature, yet you desire liberation. The wisdom of the ancients, liberates. Liberation from bondage and ignorance. New insights and intuition. The birth of a new consciousness. A bad relationship is coming to an end or is transforming into a good relationship. Breakup of an obsolete marriage. Rebirth in love. Growth of consciousness and intellect. Transformation of carnality into Eros, of desire into love. Release from an oppressive situation.

Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!