That Jesus Christ was a teacher and an educator, sent into Israel 

by the survivors of the Solar dynasty, that he  was an Atlantean immortal, is one of the few explanations for his resurrection from the dead. That he must have had access to most sophisticated techniques of Atlantean medical sciences, which he could only have acquired at a since declined Atlantean science city in the Abyssinian highlands, can account alone for his miraculous ability to heal the sick and to raise the dead.

Any member of a high civilization can transform a cup of water into wine by adding Cool aid, or levitate by using an anti-gravity device, can raise some of the dead or comatose by administering an electronic shock.

The New Testament calls him "The Son of God". (Spaceman, or son of the spaceman, which could account for his being "immaculately conceived".) Did he not always speak of his father in Heaven (the spaceman), and was he not conceived by "the Holy Ghost", a spaceman who descended from heaven and fertilized the Virgin Mary? Did he learn the mastery of the serpent Kundalini from the Essence, or was it him who taught the Essence the sacred art? When his family fled Judea, did they go to Egypt, or did they bring their son to the Atlantean science city, high in the mountains of Abyssinia?

The very fact that Jesus did not die on the cross, indicates that He was, at least partially, extraterrestrial, a half-man, half- Alien With a very different metabolism. The fact of his disappearance after His resurrection, that he first visited his fellow resident Spaceman in Damascus. (The Nazaren Gospel: Robert Graves and Joshua Podro.) "The high priest of Jerusalem petitioned the ruler of Damascus to extradite a certain Jesus Christ for re- crucifixion."

(Introduction to the work) Then He returned to his native land, the Atlantean science city high in the mountains of Abyssinia and finally, to outer space to join his father in heaven.


Access to secret teaching. A miraculous rebirth. A man or woman with a mission. A long journey. Suffering and deliverance. Rising from defeat like a Phoenix from the ashes. Victory in death. Final success. God shall protect you.