A serpent, offering an apple to a woman must have had hands to pluck and offer the apple with. Scientific disciplines dealing with reptiles know nothing about serpents with hands. There never was such an animal in the history of the world. Serpents with hands are not of this world. Since the serpent spoke to Eve, it must have had a voice and therefore, a larynx and an audible and intelligible language. Since Eve could understand what the serpent said, it must have been at least bilingual. There are no bilingual serpents on earth.

Could the serpent that offered the apple to Eve and spoke to Eve have been a multilingual extraterrestrial scientist on a genetic engineering mission? Did the offering of the apple from the tree of Knowledge indicate or imply a sexual act between the extraterrestrial and a fair daughter of earth? The apple is the symbol of the fruit in the womb and in another context, the symbol of a testicle. Was the tree of Paradise a space rocket and was Satan a promiscuous spaceman? Did the spaceman surgically insert a pre-mutated fetus into the womb of Eve? Did he offer her artificial insemination in the form of a pill, which she swallowed?

Did Jehovah cast Adam and Eve out of Paradise because he was afraid that Eve had upset a carefully planned genetic experiment at the Paradise lab?


Fertility. Pregnancy. Fecundity. Seduction. A new insight. Intuition. An out of wedlock child. Sexuality. Eroticism. A new lover. A visitor. Infidelity. Adultery.