A spaceman from ancient Atlantis awakens the spirit, mind soul and consciousness of the conquered primitive races. He is seen offering a native princess a drink from the cup of wisdom. This cup of wisdom contains a genetic concoction. It indicates that the spaceman will perform intercourse with the princess and thereby, interbreed with a human being. He has come to earth on an educational mission, bringing with him the gifts of wheat and barley, fruit trees and grapes.

The sudden appearance of mutated grasses, namely wheat and barley and also oats, cannot be explained by modern plant geneticists. It would take contemporary plant biologists thousands of years of selective harvesting and cross-breeding to transform ordinary grasses into wheat, oats and barley. Scientists assume that there must have existed very ancient prehistoric civilizations of a very high degree of scientific Sophistication and that it must have taken them thousands of years to generate fruit-bearing grasses.


You will better yourself. You are a child of the universe. You will discover hidden psyche and clairvoyant powers within yourself. You shall never go hungry. You have a green thumb. You shall get an industrious spouse. A better job is on the way.  Rescue from stagnation and boredom. Deliverance from poverty. Luck as a tradesman. A friend and helper shall appear.