The mythology of ancient Greece tells of an amorous Zeus seducing Europe. He transformed himself into a marvelous bull and beckoned the virgin Nymph to mount 'him, which the naive girl did. Then Zeus threw himself into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and swam to Crete, where he raped the innocent Nymph in a cave without mercy. When Harry Truman gave half of Europe to Stalin at Yalta and  Potsdam, he nearly succeeded in destroying the spirit, the culture and the civilization of Europe. Of course, the gentleman had a lend/lease, money payback problem, but it is a fact of history that he never got it back. President Ford then put the final seal on the nefarious contract at Helsinki.

As Zeus raped Europe on Crete, so Harry Truman raped Europe at Yalta. This was not essentially a deliberate act of malice or an expression of policy, but an expression of cultural provincialism and outrageous stupidity, for most important decisions in world history are arrived at by default. It is the unanimous opinion of the initiates that the sellout of Europe will sooner or later lead to a third world war and a complete breakdown of world culture and world religion.


Injustice. Captivity. Treason. Back stabbing. Rule of barbarism. Rapine. Violence. Oppression. Enslavement. Concentration camps. Mass murder. Genocide. Shady business deals. False witnesses. Human stupidity. Sellouts.