The splendid gifts of Atlantis to the primitive tribes that inhabited the earth at times overwhelmed them. For thousands of years, the scientists and missionaries of Atlantis carefully evolved the barbarians. Wheat, barley, oats, grapes, olives, potatoes and yams were developed in the course of these many, many years in the agricultural laboratories of the mysterious continent. Atlantean geneticists carefully bred the milk cow, engineers developed plough and tools and the basic technologies to eradicate famine, to aid the food gathering tribes and nomadic hunter tribes into stable agricultural societies.

During the last age of Atlantis, when Atlantean astronomers foresaw The great cosmic Catastrophe that would sink the mother continent and change the Poles, the direction of the earth spinning on its axis, and even The orbit of the planet around the sun, desperate attempts were Made to spread Atlantean science and culture all over the Threatened planet.

Science cities were built on the Andean Plateau, in southern Tibet, on today's Antarctica and at Mohenjo Dara. The pyramids were built by Atlantean engineering teams within a single year and were used as auxiliary power generating stations. Science cities were also built in Nubia. Most of these science cities were destroyed by the giant floods and earth quakes that ravaged the earth in the course of the near collision between the comet Venus and the earth, and those that remained were, sooner or later, overrun by barbarians. The greatness of Atlantis converted into idolatry and customs of human sacrifice. Atlantean glory was to be forgotten within less than twenty generations.


The gifts of the gods are dangerous. Montezuma said to Cortez; "May all your wishes be fulfilled". Too much of wealth makes men morally and spiritually ill, and transforms men into animals. Power corrupts. Material wealth is destructive if it isn't matched by spiritual and cultural wealth.