The great cosmic cataclysm, described by Emanuel Velikovski in his "Worlds in Collision", changed the axis of the earth. Irregularities in the gravitational field of the planet, caused by the intrusion of the huge comet that later became the planet Venus, caused the flood. The great comet with its horn-like smoke trail was described in detail by ancient Aztec authors and became the Aztec deity, Quetzocoatle. This great flood wiped out most of mankind. The sun, which for ages has risen in the West, started to rise in the East. A Greek Philosopher was told about the day when the sun was rising in the West and then in the East again by an Egyptian temple priest many thousands of years ago.

Vimanas from Atlantis and an extraterrestrial space fleet rescued some of the world's populace and released them when the cataclysm had ended.


Rebirth. Overcoming doom. Surviving danger. Protection by the gods. Love overcomes evil. Conjugal love. Fecundity. Fertility. Reconstruction. Recuperation. Happy family life. A good marriage. A new world.