Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess of Egypt, was the wife of the first Pharaoh of the first Dynasty of the Atlantean colony of Egypt. She too Was not yet an oxygen breather and had to wear a space helmet, as well as her children. . She was the daughter of one of the solar lords and a common Egyptian woman, famous for her beauty. On her lap she holds her daughters Isis and Nephtetis. Beside and in front of her, we see her son Ammon, the latter Egyptian sun god Ammon Ra.

She is sitting on a Jet Plane chair and is featured as travelling in a Vimana (ancient spaceship). These ancient Atlantean spaceships were described in the Maha Bharata, the great book of ancient Indian History. In remote Antiquity, networks of airlines and airports connected the Atlantean homeland with its various colonies in Central and South America, the Andean Plateau, in Europe, Africa and Asia. She was a militant woman who, during her husband's absence, mercilessly suppressed a revolution. She also was a graduate of Atlantean schools where she acquired her medical skills.


The wife of the first Pharaoh of Egypt, the resident Atlantean Governor. She was partially extraterrestrial, the daughter of one of the lords of the solar dynasty and a common Egyptian woman. As such, she was a princess of the Atlantean Solar Dynasty. She unites within herself aspects of ancient cosmic sciences and cultures and the barbarism of the tribesmen of early Egypt.


Osiris, the son of Isis, will appear on a later card of the deck. He was a famous military hero. He married his widowed mother Isis to preserve the royal blood. He was tricked by his jealous brother Seth into entering an experimental matter transmitting device in the shape of a box. As a result of the device malfunctioning, he was dematerialized, but was reconstituted in a crippled state. He was taken for dead and his remains were thrown into the river Nile.

His mother, the latter goddess Isis, retrieved his body by using the Atlantean medical science she had learned from her mother Sekhmet. She succeeded in bringing her son back to life. Yet, he emerged from the coma with brain damage, crippled and also had lost his reproductive potency. This is why the later ages transformed him into the god of the Nether World, for he was the first man ever to return from the land of the dead.


Isis, the daughter of Queen Sekhmet became the goddess of the starry sky, the goddess of eternal mysteries. She is the jealous keeper of the sacred seal that that guards the Tarot. She married the Third Pharaoh of Egypt and gave birth to her sons Osiris and Seth. When the Pharaoh died, she and her sister Nephtetis married Osiris to Preserve the royal blood of Atlantis. (The home continent had, by This time, been destroyed by the great cosmic catastrophe.)


The unfortunate and evil brother of King Osiris. After-murdering his brother, he fled Egypt to escape the wrath of his mother, Queen Isis and her sister Nephtetis. He settled with his cohorts in Central America, where he established a barbarian kingdom and instituted human sacrifice. He was an early predecessor of the latter Frankenstein. Latter Egyptian mythology transformed him into the Hippopotamus god, the Satan of the Egyptian Pantheon, the god of the Prima materia.

(for reference see: Sir Wallis Budge: "The Gods of Egypt".)


The emblem of the space navy of Atlantis. The Atlantean empire had conquered, during its great age, most of the world. The Atlanteans were also running rare earth mines on the Moons of Jupiter. The winged circle resembles the exhaust pipe of an early Atlantean rocket.


The royal lion indicates that Queen Sekhmet was transformed by latter ages in Egyptian Mythology, into the lion-headed goddess. He is the symbol of royal power and prestige.


The pyramids of Egyptian antiquity were power generating devices. The outer layers of the pyramids were covered with metal plates, a mixture of gold, Mercury, and copper, melted into tiles. The inner chambers of the pyramids were packed tightly with layers of rare earth and organic matter. These giant batteries generated within the context of a prehistoric nuclear fusion process, the energy that drove the engines which supplied the cities and industries of the Atlantean colony. The nuclear fusion process was initiated and sustained by Crystalline devices that gathered and concentrated solar energy, which in turned, sustained the nuclear fires within the lead piles of the inner chambers of the pyramids.


The supreme woman. The great world mother. The mother of the race. The eternal female. The fecund birth giving power of the female sex. The symbol of supreme motherhood. A royal woman. An initiate into the secret sciences. A female magician. A powerful woman. Incest.