Tiamat, the queen of Atlantis was actually a mutate Atlantean princess. She was the grand daughter of the evil god, Seth, the dictator of The central and south American section of the Atlantean empire. She Somehow survived the holocaust that destroyed Atlantis but was victim Of a blood disease that she inherited from her father.

She was an evil and power-hungry woman, avarious, dishonest, and In constant need of blood transfusions. This is why she became identified with cannibalism and human sacrifice by the mythologies of latter ages. She married the Star god An and became the mother of both Enlil and Baal Marduck. Where Enlil became a military conqueror, Baal Marduck became the culture hero of ancient Sumeria. After the death of her husband, she established herself supreme dictator of the Star empire. She oppressed the people and introduced the institute of human sacrifice.

She was finally killed by her own son, Baal Marduck who lead a peoples' revolution against her. Baal Marduck virtually cut her to pieces, for she had received the famous immortality treatment of the Atlantean scientists and could not be killed by ordinary means. Baal Marduck then rebuilt the kingdom and established a rule of justice, peace and righteousness.

Tiamat, the cruel and beautiful was transformed by latter mythology into the mother of the universe, a mother who devoured her own children. She introduced nuclear sciences and the fast body of ancient Atlantean sciences to Mesopotamian, which were lost and forgotten during later ages.


She is wearing a blood-red dress which indicates human sacrifice. The sign of infinity, which she is holding in her hands indicates that she received the immortality treatment of Atlantean medical science. The fish tail indicates her access to ancient knowledge.


These feature an Atlantean spaceport.


Being the wife of the space god An, Tiamat was one of the few earth-born who were permitted use of the matter transmission platform. In this manner, she visited many worlds and was subsequently transformed by latter age mythology into a cosmic goddess.


A domineering, destructive woman. Brute force. A castrating influence. Cruelty. Inhumanity. A treacherous person, possibly female. A femme fatale. A dictator. A barbaric beauty. The whore of Babylon. Barbaric sexuality. The female beast. The destructive mother.

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