Lovely Venus, the goddess of complete love rises from the waves. She emerges from within the infinite depths of the ocean of the human psyche. She is the divine anima, man's innermost soul. Like primordial pre-man, she is born from a shell. She is the twice born and the initiate.

To her right is the cup of the Soma of the Indo Arian conquerors of the Indian subcontinent. It features the sacred plant. To her left is the cup of the Soma of the latter Indian sages, the Vedic and Uphanishadic Seers. It contains a derivative of carefully prepared and distilled poison of the King Cobra.

This concoction, prepared in accordance with secret recipes, is the most powerful hallucinogenic on earth. The hands of Apollo, the sun god and of Orpheus, the divine musician raise the lovely goddess from the depths of the abysmal waters. Love is born, the soul of man is resurrected and shall marry the spirit of Apollo to the sound of the heavenly lyre of Orpheus. The ship on the ocean represents the great journey of the human soul on the wings of love.

Venus, the goddess of love was a descendant of both the solar and star dynasty. Above her crown shines the symbols of both the star and the sun dynasty united. On her head she wears the crown that resembles the castle of the gods in ancient Atlantis. She wears the space helmet to indicate her divine origin.


Luck in amorous adventures. The resurrection or the birth of the soul. The divine marriage between spirit and soul. Access to heaven. Everlasting happiness. A fine marriage partner. Love shall save you. A wealthy and beautiful woman.

Spiritual and emotional wealth. Erotic fulfillment. A well to-do marriage. Initiation through love, Eros and agape.