During its great age of more than a hundred thousand years ago, the empire of Mu redeveloped inter-stellar space travel. They conquered and enslaved the population of several planets, penetrating far beyond Alpha Centaur. Their war fleets were finally beaten back by the forces of a Galactic federation, by the lords of the universe. The war lords of Mu then retreated into their underground fortresses on Mu and below the mountain ranges of South America. The federation then landed troops on earth who fought the war lords of Mu on their own territory and finally became the founders of Atlantis, of the sun and the star dynasty. The Page of Mu is the evil genius, the evil spirit who rose to steal The stars in heaven and was finally defeated by the forces of Cosmic justice.


The evil spirit of the red star of Mu, bloated with the spoils Of conquest. He is seen holding one of the stars he has stolen. He is surrounded by the yellow moons which represent the dark demonic forces of Mu. Above him is the eye of the cosmic devil.

Below him is Hell, the capital of the empire of Mu.


Theft. Usurpation. Unjust conquest. Brute force. Murder. Illegality. Corruption. Loss of a lawsuit. Loss of money and property. Upheaval. Loss of your home. Final defeat of the forces of darkness by the forces of the light. Final deliverance after a period of loss and tragedy. The evil spirit is defeated in time through faith and integrity.