The god Dyonysius stands for the liberation of the senses, for the transformation of the demons of repression into the divine Eros. He is known for his ecstatic orgies and his strange power of transforming women into man-eating beasts. Who has not heard of the tragic fate of king Pantheus? He was the god of intoxication and the inventor of wine. Was he an Atlantean plant biologist and agrarian technologist who followed the conquering Atlantean armies on an educational mission? He mutated plants into fruit bearing trees and bushes.

He transformed grass into wheat and barley. Overindulging too much in his own brews, he became a drunkard and an excessive lover of the fair daughters of man. The god is presented as the genie who escaped from the bottle of King Solomon. He is featured against a red background, indicating the arousal of the forces and instincts of the blood and the genes. The large thumb stands for sexuality.

The wine was mixed with narcotic herbal potions, producing an ecstatic type of Soma in the course of the Dyonysiac orgy.


Success in gardening and agriculture. A green thumb. A drunkard. Sexual liberation. The transformation of sexual repression's into creativity. Traffic violations, Bad decisions in business. Sensuality. Seduction. Release from worries and anxieties. Orgies. Excesses.