(Six of Suns) MESHACH

The temperature in the fiery oven, the iron room of Nebucadnezar must have reached close to a thousand degrees. Even the iron-clad soldiers who pushed Meshach and his fellow disciples into the blast furnace were burned to a cinder by the terrible heat. Could faith alone, or even the mastery of the techniques used by native fire walkers in Africa, Haiti and India have accounted for the survival of the disciples? Who were the disciples of Daniel? Who was DANIEL?

Only a very strongly air-conditioned spacesuit could have accounted for the survival of Daniel's disciples, a spacesuit strong enough to withstand an hour of a thousand degrees of blazing heat. This all might indicate that Daniel and his disciples were members of an extraterrestrial research establishment that was located in ancient Jerusalem and followed the displaced Jewish tribes to Babylon, known at that time as the Capital of the World. That extraterrestrial supported a permanent establishment in Jerusalem is indicated by such a strange incident as the destruction of the Army of King Schalmanasser before the gates of Jerusalem by a rain of fire. That the propagation of Monotheism and a just world state, which was historically perpetrated by the Jewish people was in line with the interests of enlightened extraterrestrial, is self evident.


Divine intervention. Science and learning overcomes dangerous situations. You shall be delivered from a dangerous situation. You shall be saved and set free. You shall be proven innocent. You shall withstand the fires of hell and emerge unscathed. You are being tested and shall emerge a better person. Your faith shall save you. You shall defy your adversaries. You have been slandered and defamed, but shall, in the end, be proven right, straight and honest.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!