Divine Apollo, the ancient sun god of Greece, was first worshipped at Delphi as the king of the sun, the ancient Atlantean spaceman, the founder of the solar dynasty.

Divine Apollo holds the Atlantean scepter of the spine, the serpent, the world and the atom, the symbol of the world empire. This scepter presents him as a royal prince of Atlantis and an Atlantis scientist. During the early Ionian period, he was the resident extraterrestrial teacher at Delphi. The wings on his helmet presents him as a space explorer. The flaming sun behind him stands for the solar dynasty. The light blue circle behind him represents the moon where the ancient deep space harbor of Atlantis was located. In his right hand, he holds the cup of Initiation. He is being reborn during this present time and age In the astronauts of America and Russia, who are setting to explore The solar system.



Initiation. The supreme adventure. Conquest of new frontiers. The light of science, of the spirit and the soul overcoming darkness. Death and resurrection. Initiation into the mysteries of the cosmos. Recovery from disease and depression. Psychic and occult powers. Despair changes into joy. Problems are being taken care of. The dark night of the soul changes into the radiant light of the day. Cosmos destiny. Illumination. The light of wisdom.


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