The first pharaoh of Egypt was the son of Ra Harakte, conceived by an earthly woman. He was not yet a full oxygen breather and had to wear a life support space helmet. He is seen sitting on his throne, the original great pyramid of Atlantis, of which Egypt was all but an outlying barbarian colony. Atlantean engineers built the great irrigation works, the power plants and drained the huge swamps of the river Nile. They established great cities there which  were buried under the desert sands or destroyed in the course of the great cosmic catastrophe. A great Greek philosopher visiting the ancient temple university of Memphis, was told by an old Egyptian priest of the day when the sun rose in the West and then in the East again. This was the day when Quetzocoatle, the plummed serpted of the Aztecs appeared in the sky and, after almost colliding with the earth, became the planet Venus. On this day, the axis of the planet changed; floods ravaged the earth; Atlantis sank to the bottom of the sea and fertile equatorial continents bearing great technological civilizations were buried nder the ice of the Arctic and Antarctic. It is strange, and yet, not strange that, in many systems of Indian and Persian Astrology, the sun is shown to rise in the west. Egypt at this time was a reservoir that received surplus population from Atlantis. There was a population explosion on the home continent.


The god king holds in his right hand the scepter of the dominion of the world and in his left hand, the scepter of the sea, the trident of the latter god Neptune.


The God King is flanked by two Sphinx which symbolizes the perpetual Efforts made by extraterrestrial science establishments to Mutate homosapiens out of man-like animals. by means of gene-grafting, interbreeding and genetic engineering. The two vases represent the wombs that give birth to a new head, a new consciousness and to new hands for emerging man.


The pyramid is embraced by the Egyptian god Horus, symbolizing the spiritual presence of his extraterrestrial father, the founder of the dynasties of the Pharaohs of Egypt and Atlantis. The pharaonic crown as it is seen on the murals and sculptures of latter Antiquity represents a reminiscence of the ancient space helmets.

That the pharaohs bound the head of their babies to make them grow to fit the crown by artificial skull deformation indicates the same extraterrestrial origin of the Pharaonic dynasties.


These items represent genetic surgery, the human race being evolved through the intervention by extraterrestrial sciences. The pre-man was given hands, namely skills and a developed brain, capable of generating intelligence, a new heart, namely bravery and self-confidence and a new vessel, namely a soul and the majesty of the moral law.


This is representative of the cosmic power and wisdom of Kundalini Shakti.


Power, wisdom and glory. The elements of fire and water. Ancient science, degenerated into magic. An inheritance. Favors, gifts, changes in personality. A male heir. Transformation of consciousness.

Changes in life circumstances. Cosmic Power. Dominion and wealth. Rebirth and resurrection. Deliverance from oppressive circumstances. The power of wisdom at work.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!