The kings of Mu were alien dictators of the caliber of a Hitler, a Stalin or a Ghengis Khan. The dynasty originated on a world orbiting a blood-red star within the depths of the galaxy. Their monolithic state system reminded one of the latter Assyro Babylonian empire or today's Soviet Union. Their slave subjects had receivers implanted in the tissue of their brains and were mercilessly controlled by the great central computer of the Lords of Mu. Anyone thinking the wrong types of thought was instantaneously electrocuted by an ultra sound device that had been implanted by cerebral surgery.


The rule of evil. The evil star is ascending. Victory of evil. Loss of a court case. Crooked lawyers. Bought judges. Corrupt politicians. Loss of property. Theft, Loss of love and affection. Loss of money. You are hypnotized. The symbol of the Zombie. Loss of peace of mind. Exploitation. Death or loss of a close person. Personal death. War in the family.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!