After the fall of Atlantis, brought about by the great cosmic catastrophe, which was followed by the great deluge, there occurred an age of barbarism and decline. The sun had started rising in the East, the days were much longer and the constellations in the sky had changed on account of the change of the earth axis, the wandering of the poles and the change of the orbit of the planet earth around the sun. Great earthquakes, floods and the sinking of entire continents had destroyed most of known civilizations and almost all men had lost their memory of the great past.

The first representative of the race of the star gods resided in ancient Akkad in the land of Shinar. This was the capital city of ancient Sumeria. The star gods had repatriated several millions of survivors to earth and repopulated the valleys of the Nile, the Euphrates and the Indus Valley.

The Sumerians called him An, the father of the gods. He re-introduced those who had survived the cataclysm on earth, the dispirited descendants of the long forgotten civilizations to religion, the arts such as writing, painting, sculpting, architecture, and also to the sciences of the Mandala, mathematics, geometry, engineering and agriculture.

His greatest initiate was the mythical hero, Gilgamesh. He was taken by An on a sacred journey through outer space to the home world of the star lords. The ancient astronauts of the Star dynasty conducted universities at both Akkad and Sumer. They interbred with the daughters of man and founded thereby, the ancient star dynasty of the kings of Mesopotamia, Assyria and Babylon. Many of their descendants were worshipped by later generations, being elevated to the rank of gods.

This massive extraterrestrial intervention lead up to the sudden reappearance of civilization and science "out of nowhere". The devastated planet was covered within a few generations with basic cities and fertile fields.

An, the original spaceman expanded the empire of the blue star, the latter empire of Akkad and Sumer up to the Valley of the Ganges River. He is being worshiped in India as the imperishable Brahman, the starlord of the universe. He introduced the science of the Mandala to Vedic India and also the arts of Astronomy and Astrology and the art of Architecture.

In the course of its expansion, the empire of the blue star encountered the forces of the empire of Mu. This Nazi-type of dictatorship of cruel warlords and militarists had survived as a barbaric civilization of the continent of Mu in the central and South Pacific. This encounter resulted in the great wars that are partially described in the Mahabharata, the ancient book of Indian History.


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