The adversaries of the Solar and the Star lords were the barbarian             

people of MU. These were enslaved ages ago by the depraved warlords of Mu. Ten thousand years ago, a band of cosmic renegades, their fleets and their world defeated, landed on earth, seeking refuge.

They enslaved the barbarian inhabitants of Mu, using their superior armaments technology. Finally, after getting established, their armies of serfs conquered all of India, China and the Pacific islands. Their deity, which demanded human sacrifice, was the Beast of Mu, the latter Moloch of the Mediterranean cultures. After losing that great terrible cosmos wars, the degenerate survivors and their depraved descendants became the dictators of this planet. They had built great underground fortresses, cut out of the bedrock with giant laser projectors. Their tunnels reached from Mu to the Easter Islands, from the Easter Islands to the coast of South America. In the course of a terrible prehistoric war, theydestroyed the pre-Atlantean civilizations. Their proud cities and their science centers crumbled under the onslaught of extraterrestrial weapons. Their armies were beaten by robot battalions from outer space.

Both the combined might of the Solar and the Star lords could never completely crush the militarocracy of Mu. Although the Star lords conquered Africa, Egypt, Mesopotamia Persia and finally India, they were unable to conquer the homeland of Mu. Only the two great cosmic catastrophes, posed by the near collision of thecomets Mars and Venus with the planet earth, brought the final end to the Empire of Mu and also to glorious Atlantis and part of Mesopotamia. Mu sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean never to rise again.

It was Seth, the mutant brother of Osiris and Tiamet - Kali Durga, the cruel queen of India, who entered treaties with the warlords of Mu, committing high treason against the Atlantean homeland. This led up to the great historical wars that are described in the Maha Bharata, the wars that destroyed the land bridge between Mesopotamia and the island of Ceylon. The sword of Mu was an armed nuclear missile whose engines were Driven by frozen Methane gas. This missile was replaced later by The famous Vimana's ships, propelled at fantastic speeds with an Anti-gravity device. The empire of Mus was in a perpetual state of warfare, for it was the design of the depraved aliens to enslave the planet in its entirety. The Maha Bharata describes some of these terrible wars where nuclear bombs, giant laser projectors and poison gas were used against the under-armed troops of the pre-Atlantean empire. In the course of this war, the great capital of the empire, the Golden city of Ghonsar, located in today's Gobi Desert, fell to surprise nuclear bombardment.


The missile is armed with a nuclear head, entwined by two abysmal serpents. As Western Medicine reached Greece from India and originated on the continent of Mu, the emblem of the sword of Mu became in latter ages the Caduceus Aesculapiae.


The winged sun heralds the arrival of the sun lords on earth, the deliverance of man from slavery and the onset of the ascendancy of Atlantis.


Aggressive acts. Slavery. Servitude. Captivity. Tyranny. Imprisonment. War and strife. Theft. Loss of people and property. Being domineered. An unfair partner. A bad employer. Exploitation. Death. Destruction. Tyranny. Lawlessness. Coming apart of a contract, a marriage or an employment situation. Loss in business.

Loss of friends. Evil and insincere people are around you.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!