The major Arcana features the twelve major forces that govern the destiny of man and his world. They represent archetypal symbols of tremendous magnitude. These particular archetypes refer to junctions and key points in mental and world history. The twelve egg symbols constitute the mental aggregates that drive the mental engines of the wheel of history.


The Ark of the Covenant is the foundation of the world. The blessing and the protection of God, God's love, is a pre-requisite for human existence. The gods of Humanity were, for the most part, extraterrestrial who came to earth on educational missions. The Ark of the Covenant implies the covenant between the people of Israel and the extraterrestrial demiurgh, Jehovah. The Ark of the Covenant also implies the moral covenant between man and man, between members of the institution of the family and of course, the social contract.


this card features the fate of the common man being bound to the wheel of fate. He is a hapless victim of himself, his inconsistencies, his phobias and anxieties. He is a slave to social and natural forces, to the economic and political forces of his society. The rocket behind the wheel indicates man's ascendency from slavery to the myth of fate. man is starting to take moral responsibility for himself. He is setting out to create his destiny by an act of will in the 'here and now', directly within himself, within his center.

3. THE SUN OF HERMES: Man has set out to conquer the cosmos. Soon, American space probes will reach the moons of Jupiter. Deep space probes to Alpha Centaur shall follow. Man's conquest is based upon the science of Thoth, the god of Learning. Modern man must set out to find a synthesis between the human spirit and natural sciences. Man conquering the universe is the supreme expression of his creativity. In this conquest, men of today shall recover the glory of ancient Atlantis.

The ancient esoteric sciences of antiquity, the ancient scientific marvels of Atlantis converted into Alchemy during the ages of decline that followed the fall of Atlantis and the ordeals of the ice ages and the flood. Now, in our present age, Alchemy re transform into natural science, the science and technology that conquers the universe, that transforms man's traditional societies into rational, scientific civilization. The Hierophant is the ancient prehistoric scientist who transformed into a magician and re-emerged as a scientist again.

5. THE FOOL: The Fool embodies within himself, man's daring and intuition, Man's creativity. From within the depths of man's unconscious, from within the deep ocean of the collective unconscious of humanity, rises ancient memories of glorious ages, long past and forgotten by most. These are memories of golden ages of golden men and their spaceconquering super civilizations. It is the dissenter, the fool, the creative boat rocker who is responsible for most of the progress of humanity. He is the man of vision and imagination. Let more men be more foolish; let more men be in touch with their unconscious. Let man get in touch with his unconscious, with his innate irrationality, to become truly creative. Only by finding his center, shall modern man gain access to ancient memories and sciences, stored away within the abyss of the collective unconscious, the collective memory of humanity.

The Pythia was the high priestess at the temple of Apollo at Delphi. She represents the clairvoyant, the Yogini, the wise woman. She has direct access to racial memory. As such, she was the guiding light of all of Hellas. She immersed herself into the depths of the ocean of the collective unconscious and re-emerged with priceless treasures. Like the Pythia in ancient Greece, contemporary man must get in touch with himself, find his center and recover within his center, the wisdom and the sciences of the super civilizations of the past, of civilizations like long gone Atlantis. Much of modern science today is all but a recovery of ancient knowledge that rises from within the unconscious of inspired scientists.

7. THE DEVILS:Materialism is mankind's worst enemy. It is this negative force within man that has hindered mankind's progress for ages. All the great civilizations of the past declined on account of the destructive and disastrous effects of materialism. To a great extent, at least morally and culturally, man is still an animal, covered by a thin veneer of apparent humanity. This primeval animal becomes periodically manifest in men like Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Tamerlain, Nero , Hitler, Himmler, Eichmann and Joseph Ivannowich Stalin.

Human ignorance and stupidity, especially if it is combined with materialism, are the true manifestation of the devil in this world. The devil and the entire satanic hierarchy, and even hell, are direct creations and manifestations of human stupidity. Man today must learn to blame himself for his own failures. The seeds of our defeats are always to be found in our own heart. When we recognize ourselves as the architects of our own misfortunes, we gain opportunity to effect inner growth, to improve our skills and attitudes, to become better and more effective human beings. Then, we do not need to believe in the existence of a malicious devil, a trickster who sets us up at any given opportunity. To blame the devil for one's own folly, is simple self-destructive. It is too easy to cop out and blame some evil spirit. In our age of science and enlightenment, the myth of the devil is being rapidly invalidated. The time shall come when the devil shall cease to exist. This will happen when men have learned to take moral responsibility for themselves and their actions. Of course, if there is a devil in our time and age, it could possibly be manifested in communism. The philosophy of organized human stupidity that threatens to exterminate all aspects of world religion, spirituality and world culture, to transform the planet into a den of iniquity.

9. DEATH: The figure of death is the figure of transformation. All things are in constant flux of change. When things become incapable of changing, they start to die, The progress of humanity, humanity's liberation from slavery and ignorance, from poverty and tyranny, is only possible through the breakdown of obsolete institutions and establishments, the eradication of obsolete beliefs. The worst fate that can strike a man is to die without attaining illumination, the vision of his center, the vision of reality. All of the old initiates had to die and be born again within their lifetimes to become sages, to attain access to the hidden wisdom. The sacred books of wisdom are hidden deeply in human nature and guarded by death itself, say the sages of the Katha Upanishads,  the great Indian scripture of the god of death.

The hermit embodies the glory and the majesty of the moral law. He is the spiritual and cultural foundation of humanity. In the sage, God fulfills the final purpose of His creation. He is the Bodhisattva, the eternal teacher, the bearer of immortal wisdom.He vowed to be reborn again and again, until all human beings have attained liberation.

The family is the foundation of man's world and man's societies. The family is the cradle of human culture, religion and civilization. Let simple human happiness and peace amongst be the primary goal of contemporary world society.

Even the gods shiver in fear like dry leaves in the autumn winds upon the approach of the terrible goddess. She is the goddess of everlasting change and transformation. As such, she is the goddess of eternal regeneration.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!