You know there is so much bad information about Tarot Cards. Let me say that there are many different levels of Tarot Cards. I believe there are the material Tarot for money, the so called self help Tarot for personal life achievements, which is very important and useful I might ad, and there is the divine Tarot, The Space Aged Tarot, where this Tarot concentrates on bringing your soul in you to raise and be an everyday part of you rather than a hidden secret.

Bob M. Place calls the Tarot a place where you can reach the higher self and learn about the picture of one's psyche. I believe this to be true too. But this does not come from fortune telling but from your own inner search for the correct advice for your life. The Tarot is a pictorial tool to bring you closer to the divine and closer to yourself.

In the building of the Churches in the middle ages the priests made stain glass windows of the passion to teach the people about Christ because they could not read Latin. So the Tarot is a 'stain glass window' teaching men and women about human behavior and its conditions. It is about how to become a real human being in a violent world?

It shows us the different types of people and their main personality types. We learn to view the world from a different view point. Not from the ideal position of everything like a child sees, but a real look at ourselves and the world. You can invite me to your church or group to discuss this and do a reading with you. Sometimes in life we have to seek our own salvation and this is one way to do it correctly. Greg Henry Waters

A Grimoir by Maha Yogi A.S. Narayana.COPYRIGHT 1977 Maha Yogi A. S. Narayana"Alfred Schmielewski ESPON.Toronto Ontario Canada

Design of Cards by Yogi Narayana and Book, paintings by Joe Alexander

We are looking to publish these cards and book, great fun and learning all in one.

There is much information there plus many books for suggested reading.  The object of this tarot project is to make you a better person and to develop your intuitive skills.  But this is not easy and you must spend time in learning about it.  But there is much back-ground reading so you can understand the divine life. 

Reading Material: Emanuel Velikovski: Worlds in Collision

I Ching, or Chinese Book of Oracles" by Kin Wen, (Richard Wilhelm in English)

Mahabharata, the ancient book of Indian History! "Vimanas"

Schell Oracle of Ifa

Akaskin Records, Book of Life, Many Web Sites on this Topic and lots of books,

One by Edgar Cayce

Al Altar: Scheik Muhammet Ashraf, Lahore, Pakistan

Tibetan Book of the Dead, Evan Wentz

The Western Book of the Dead, Yogi Narayana, (A.S.)

the TAROT History, Symbolism, and Divination a complete history of the Tarot and meanings of each card which is quite different from the learntarot.com versions. This version is more spiritual by Robert M. Place, Tarcher with Penguin

The more we study these different versions and ideas the more open we are to divination.

Other reading: General, Laotze and Menzius, Plato, Berossus and West African Yoruba Culture.


Please contact me Greg Henry Waters A way to change your life and your future if you act on your life in the here and now by changing yourself.  As you change yourself so the world will change!

Sun Cards, Stars Cards, Cups Cards, Swords Cards, and Major Arcana Cards!

by Maha Yogi A.S. Narayana copyright 1977 CMP 2006 New York, NY

For learning the basic concepts of Tarot go here OK.  Then revert back to these pages for this view.  It is very new and takes some time to understand the process.  http://www.learntarot.com  But this is a new vision of the Tarot cards for our modern times.

These Tarot Cards are based also on the concept of the I Ching.  There is a very good book called The I Ching Handbook by Mondo Secter that will help you understand the numbers of the 64 divine numbers.  Also any book by Waite, Arthur Edward is important too.

The first page is the introduction and how to use these cards.  So study it slowly and become part of the here and now and part of the future. This is not an easy process so beware that it takes time to develop your mental abilities in this area and just keep trying, trying and trying!

The last URL's on the index page are the howto pages and concepts for this work.

Greg Henry Waters


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!