The suit of the Sun features vital archetypal symbols of humanity. Cosmological, and in accordance with the Kant-La Place theory of Solar evolution, there was a time when all the planets of the solar system and this entire world were part of the great ocean of fire, that is, the sun. In the course of a period of accelerated rotation of the star Sol, portions of it tore off and converted first, into rings of fire, which later condensed into planets.

"All things are fire", said the Buddha in his famous fire sermon; the earth, the trees, the animals, the mountains and men. The mystics speak about the living light, the living flames and the Hindus talk about the seven Brahmanic fires of the Brahmin Nachiketas. (Katha Uphanishad.)

Humanity's most ancient gods are the sun gods. In all ages, they demanded human sacrifice, the sacrifice of human blood of the human heart. Using razor sharp Obsidian knives, the priests of the ancient sun temples of the Aztecs opened the chests of their prisoners of war, tore their beating heart out of their chests and offered them to the sun god.

Seen within the context of nature mysticism, the sun recharges all living things on earth with spiritual, mental, psychic and physical energy. Mexican (Aztec) mythology features the story of a great Gor: The world was empty. All men had died. The great Gor was lonely. He went to the cave of the god of death and asked the wise god for the bones of men that he might create new men. The wise god of death refused the request. When death had gone to sleep , the great Aztec sun god stole the bones of man. Tearing his own flesh off of his body, he enveloped the bones of man with flesh. Then, he infused his own blood into the body of man, and man lived. Ever since, and for countless centuries, did the priests of the Aztecs return the flesh and the blood of men to their god by sacrificing their prisoners of war.

The Brhdaranyaka Uphanishad states: Upon death, the body returns to the earth, the soul to the moon and the spirit of man to his true home, his source of origin, the sun; for all things come from the sun and all things return to the sun. There is the rising sun, the sun of noon and the sun of dawn. When the sun rises, the world is delivered from death, the night ceases and all living things awaken to life. The sun of noon often burns living things, and upon the setting of the sun, the world enters a death-like sleep. Much, if not most, of the mythology of ancient Egypt concerns itself with the journey of the sun, the eye of God. Rituals and sacrifices were offered to ensure that the sun, carried on the sacred bark, protected by the company of the gods, pulled across the sky and through the darkness of the netherworld by the divine Scarab, would rise again, unharmed by the demons of the abysmal depth. All of the sun cults were of extraterrestrial origin. So also, was the temple of the sun, the Pyramids of Egypt and Central America. This fact is verified by many oral transmissions and by the inner meaning and structure of ancient works of esoteric art and architecture. These cults were introduced among depraved barbarians by the survivors of ancient high civilizations who, in turn, had received them in prehistoric times from visitors from outer space who came to this world on educational missions and became prehistoric vulture heroes.


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