If the United Nations were to succeed in mobilizing the entire technological resources of the world today and were to set out to build the pyramids as they exist today in Egypt, that endeavor would take at least a hundred years to finish. How long would it have taken primitive men of a non-technological civilization, men with wooden and bronze tools to cut these stones and to move the huge blocks of stone over wooden rollers or on sleds, over hundreds of miles of distance? Perhaps two or three thousand years it would have taken, even with access to unlimited manpower.

Vimanas or anti-gravity vehicles of the ancient Atlantean civilization used giant laser projectors to cut hundreds of thousands of giant cubicles of stone out of the bedrock of mountain ranges. They used anti-gravity projectors and traction beams to move these enormous masses of rock to the designated sites and place them in position.

These pyramids were giant nuclear fusion power generating stations that supplied that Atlantean colony with energy. At that time and before the cosmic catastrophe that changed the earth's axis and transformed Egypt, a northerly country into a southerly country, this energy was needed to supply and heat the great cities of the North.


The master mason. The architect. The builder. Moving into a new house. Power. Energy. The grand architects of the Universe. Mathematics. Geometry. Ancient Sciences. Initiation. Sacred Sciences. Spiritual and scientific wealth. The wisdom of the Ancients. Ancient treasures. Building a new life. Progress in your affairs.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!