Glassified sections of sand in the Gobi Desert could only have                  

been created by pre-historic nuclear explosions, say some progressive Soviet scientists. The Maha Bharata, the ancient book of Indian history Describes in detail, pre-historic nuclear warfare and ancient jet Fighters and anti-gravity ships called "Vimanas". Ravannah, an Ancient Indian pilot, is described as having abducted a beautiful Indian maiden and raping her without mercy on board on board his Jet Plane while putting the plane's controls in automatic pilot. This famous rape happened more then 5000 years Ago. Finally, the lecherous pillow was shot down by the jet fighter Of an angry competitor for the lady's attentions. There is nothing really new in the world, for history is an eternal repetition of eternal platitudes. The last judgement of our present world civilization might as well be nuclear war. This is the opinion of the majority of the world's leading scientists today.


The headquarters of world communism. Although Marxism and communism started out as messianic religions of salvation, they transformed into world history's most oppressive dictatorship.

Communism today is the dictatorship of the half-educated managers of the masses. Their main objective lies in the extermination of the spiritual and cultural world elite. As such, communism is the most destructive force today, a threat to the survival of humanity.


Catastrophe brought about by human greed and stupidity. Greed, avarice, megalomania. The final end. Disaster. Death. Breakdown of society. Revolution. Dictatorship, oppression and mass murder. Jail, concentration camp, barbarism. The end of a world age, a contract, a marriage, loss of fortune. Everybody is going to lose and no one shall win anything.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!