An ancient scientist from the stars, member of the solar race, is seen in a spaceship laboratory. He is engaged in experiments pertaining to genetic engineering and gene grafting. He is transforming animals into centaurs, namely half men and finally succeeds in generating a perfect human baby in his test tubes. Jehuda Loew of Prague, the famous rabbi, like many of the medieval Sarazenic, Harranite and Jewish alchemists, operated with the concept of the homunculus. Jehuda Loew attempted to create the superman in the test tube of his alchemist laboratory who would strike fear and terror into the hearts of the persecutors of the Jewish community, the famous Golem.

The sudden appearance of man on earth, the total absence of any Feasible evolutionary link between man and the animal world, indicates That mankind was artificially mutated and created by extraterrestrial Scientists. Most scientists today feel that Java Man, the Heidelbergensis and likewise, supposed links like the Peking Man, Were cul de sacs In evolution and that man must have come from somewhere else. The initiates believe that, a million years ago, extraterrestrial Landed on earth and found themselves unable to survive in the environment or to breathe the atmosphere. What they did was to cross-breed and cross-mutate with the Heidelbergensis, the Java Man and the Peking Man.


Like magic, you shall be transformed. You shall be reborn. Your life circumstances will change for the better. The birth of a new consciousness. You will gain access to secret teachings, to the secrets of the world and the universe. A journey to a far away land. A transformation for the better in your human relationships. Improvements in your job and business.