This card features the execution of the Atlantean resident Socrates by orders of the rulers of the Athenian republic. Knowing that the blood of the gods was flowing in his veins, Socrates drank the cup of poison with peace of mind, for at least as a philosopher he was an immortal, even during his lifetime. Ever since his execution, politicians and tyrants acquired a bad name. There is a saying that Socrates never died, that his corpse was returned to the homeland and was resurrected by Atlantean scientists. For any man who had received the famous Atlantean immortality treatment that expanded the human life span to up to six hundred years, could be resurrected by the medical machines of Atlantis for up to a year after he had supposedly died.

The fate of the honest man, of the man of genius is often tragic. A superior intellect disturbs the establishment. The honest man is often the enemy of corrupt establishments. The man of education is called an "egghead". He is being rapidly replaced in contemporary society by well programmed, dull specialists. The saint, the prophet is often an enemy of the state and the church. The man of wisdom and of spirit is often killed by the theologians. Be careful. Don't let your light shine. Be secretive. Hide your virtues. The situation of a decent human being in a corrupt society is deplorable and, at times, disastrous. You learn diplomacy , the art of howling with the wolves.

The acidhead burned away his life force. He damaged his genes and his Brain cells in his futile search for synthetic enlightenment. He crippled himself by profaning the sacred mysteries. He profaned the sacred heritage of the illustrious ancestors, the traditions of the mystery schools of antiquity. He violated the sacred laws and customs of the initiates and the spiritual, heritage of the sun and star dynasties. "For those who lightheartedly remove the veil of the goddess Isis, those fall insane.", say the old masters.

The appearance of LSD in our time and age is by no means, an accident. At this desperate junction in world history, members of an extraterrestrial research establishment undertook to change the course of history by taking mental control of a research pharmasologist who later managed to synthesize LSD for a well known pharmacological institute. This is a well kept, but verifiable secret.


Self destruction. The wrath of the god. Man is the architect of his own misfortune. Self-imposed doom. You are hurting yourself. You are acting against your own best interests. A hidden death wish. A latent neurosis. Masochism. A crisis in the making. Poverty. Loss of your home and your family. Everything disintegrates. Demonic possession. Loss of the self.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!