The figure of death is the figure of transformation. All things are in constant flux of change. When things become incapable of changing, they start to die, The progress of humanity, humanity's liberation from slavery and ignorance, from poverty and tyranny, is only possible through the breakdown of obsolete institutions and establishments, the eradication of obsolete beliefs.

The worst fate that can strike a man is to die without attaining illumination, the vision of his center, the vision of reality. All of the old initiates had to die and be born again within their lifetimes to become sages, to attain access to the hidden wisdom. The sacred books of wisdom are hidden deeply in human nature and guarded by death itself, say the sages of the Katha Uphanishad,  the great Indian scripture of the god of death.


Death is featured here as Saturn eating his children.


The death of the body. The death of the spirit. The death of the soul. things are coming to an end. Resurreciton. Rebirth. Loss of frinds and relatives. Initiation. Attaining a deeper understanding. Attaining wisdom. Illumination. rebirth. Loss of friends through a great change in life. One life cycle ends; another begins. Obsolete relationships or contracts are coming to an end. Failure in business. The old dies and the new is born.

Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!