The evil hand of fate, but yet, man is his own fate and the cause of his own destiny. Man strikes himself.


This is the tree of life. Death is at hand. We are falling into the abyss.


Although we die when we fall into the abyss, all things are reborn when they emerge from the abysmal depths of the ocean:, for falling into the depths of the ocean of the unconscious is part of initiation.


Danger threatens. A bad spot to be in. Defeat is at hand. Fate is about to strike. We shall either come to harm or become more effective and wiser people, if we learn. Only a supreme effort can save you. Search for the roots of your defeat within yourself.

This is the only remedy. The beast is at hand. Fate is the great Guru and initiator. The world is a school and life is an education.

Human ignorance and stupidity, especially if it is combined with materialism, are the true manifestation of the devil in this world. The devil and the entire satanic hierarchy, and even hell, are direct creations and manifestations of human stupidity. Man today must learn to blame himself for his own failures. The seeds of our defeats are always to be found in our own heart. When we recognize ourselves as the architects of our own misfortunes, we gain opportunity to effect inner growth, to improve our skills and attitudes, to become better and more effective human beings. Then, we do not need to believe in the existence of a malicious devil, a trickster who sets us up at any given opportunity.

To blame the devil for one's own folly, is simple self-destructive. It is too easy to cop out and blame some evil spirit. In our age of science and enlightenment, the myth of the devil is being rapidly invalidated. The time shall come when the devil shall cease to exist. This will happen when men have learned to take moral responsibility for themselves and their actions. Of course, if there is a devil in our time and age, it could possibly be manifested in communism. The philosophy of organized human stupidity that threatens to exterminate all aspects of world religion, spirituality and world culture, to transform the planet into a den of iniquity.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!