The card features Jehova, the god of the bur-ning mountain. The  burning mountain was a space platform on which the rockets of the ancient spacemen descended. This might have been a flat-topped pyramid, the model for the latter Zigurrats of ancient Mesopotamia. Jehova was one of the ancient star lords who came to earth after the great cosmic catastrophe, to re-educate the survivors of the flood.

The Ark of the Covenant was a nuclear fusion reactor that generated a powerful field of electricity. To it was attached a powerful radio transmitter. The Ark, therefore, was the instrument of the Covenant, namely of the communication between the star lords and the people of Israel

The Ark is said to have contained the seven sacred tablets, each one featuring the history and the sciences of one of the seven worlds of the empire of the star lords. They features also the akashic records, namely the key to the genetic code, the.code of the blood and the cells. They features information pertaining to the secret of nuclear fusion. The Ark must also have contained a code and communication mannual.


An interterrestrial communications device through which Moses communicated with his extraterrestrial overlords. Also a nuclear fusion battery and a storage place for secret records. Two angels, namely winged spacemen guard the secrets of the Ark.


In its centre, the star features the blue sextagonal, which contains the secret name of Jehova, the supreme word of power.


The ancient star lord of the Mesopotamian civilization who returned after the flood, to resurrect the sciences and the civilization of Atlantis.


The center of the world. The spring of wisdom. The abode of hidden sciences. The center of the self. The genetic code. The wisdom of the ancients. The wisdom of humanity. Ancient records. God-like potential. Hidden powers and mysteries. Salvation. Deliverance. The protection of the gods. The blessing of God. A powerful ally

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