The Ace of the Sun features the god Raharakte, the earliest of the   

Sun deities of Egypt. Ra Harakte, the old man in the sun, the First Culture hero of Egypt was, in the opinions of the initiates, an extraterrestrial stranded on earth. The sculptures of Egyptian

Antiquity feature him as an immensely old man with a crooked staff in his hand, the staff of power. When he grew old and feeble, the goddess Isis killed the immortal god by gathering some of his own spittle, mixing it with earth and creating a poisonous serpent, which bit him in the heel.

Obviously, this indicates that the aging god overindulged in promiscuity with the fair daughters of Egypt, for the serpent is the symbol of the female reproductive system. Ra Harakte is the approximate Egyptian equivalent of the Hindu god UT, the old man in the sun. He is a member of the mythical solar race. He symbolizes the power of the heavenly spirit as his son Horus, the falcon god, and manifests the all seeing eye of the father god.


The divine Horus represents the rising sun, the glorious sun disc reborn from the land of darkness and desolation. He resurrects the world and makes the fields of Egypt bloom. He embodies the force of eternal regeneration and rebirth, the virile power of the eternal male. He also symbolizes the human spirit, rising heavenward towards its true home.


The Wreath symbolizes the victory of the human spirit over man's animal nature, over the dark forces of death and the netherworld.


Most ancient occult traditions regard the pyramids as power generating stations of ancient civilizations. It is a fact that, during remote Antiquity, the pyramids were covered with mirror-like colored tiles of metallic nature. The chambers within the pyramids, as they can be seen today, were tightly packed with various layers of rare earth, plus various metallic and organic matter. This included a number of devices that generated nuclear fusion power. On the guilded tops of the pyramids, there were towers on which synthetic crystals rotated. These drew energy from the sun.


Old traditions seem to imply that in remote Antiquity, there were two sphinx in front of the pyramids. One of these was dismantled by conquering prehistoric barbarians. The Sphinx symbolizes the emergence of man from the animal kingdom, like the Greek centaur.

The sudden appearance of the human race from 'out of nowhere', might be explained as extraterrestrial researchers mutating man like animals, and thereby, creating modern homosapiens.


The UFO's on the card indicate that it was extraterrestials who Built the pyramids. They employed Laser Beams for cutting these huge Blocks of stone out of the mountain sides and transported these with anti-gravity devices. It is in this manner that all the pyramids of Egypt and Central and South America were built. Since before the great cosmic catastrophe that Emmanuel Velikovski describes in his "Worlds in Collision", the North Pole of the earth was located in today's Ceylon; Egypt was then a Northern country where nuclear power was needed to sustain world civilization. There are pyramids buried below the ice of Antarctica and the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the sites of ancient Atlantis and the continent of Mu.


The wisdom of the Ancients shall deliver you. The spirit shall overcome the flesh. Divine intervention. Science and technologyborn of spirit and illumination. Power, enlightenment and fidelity. Return to old values. Achievements and progress. A treacherous woman. Clairvoyant faculties.

Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!