The ace of stars features An, the founder of the Star dynasty, the    

resident extraterrestrial at the ancient city of Akkad in the land of Shinar. An is standing below his spaceship, emblazoned with the Blue Star in the depth of the universe, from whence he came. He was joined in his educational mission by Onan, the ancient fish who resembles racial memory of ages of greatness long passed. The fish Onan, the teacher of the people of Sumeria rose from within the deep ocean of the human psyche, revealing racial memories.

The star of An is a radiant blue star, encircled by thirteen planets. The spaceman himself was a giant, ten feet tall. This gave rise to many fairy tales about giants or a race of giants. His terrifying appearance inspired many of the esoteric sculptures of Sumerian Antiquity. The flat-topped pyramid was a space craft landing Platform that set the architectural style of the mud brick Ziggurat of later ages as they are found in many parts of Mesopotamia.

As the journey through the infinite space of the universe took many centuries, An, the god from outer space arrived as an ancient man. He is standing on a matter-transmitting device that made almost instantaneous transmission through hyper space possible. In this manner, there was a perpetual influx of extraterrestrial teachers from outer space that finally lead to the ascendancy of the Mesopotamian civilization. The gods visited the earth, bridging the gulf of millions of light years in a moment. This matter transmission device was powered by rare earth batteries. These had the shape of Leyden Jars and were designed to generate an abundance of electrical power through nuclear fusion.


Highest cosmic consciousness. Mysterious sciences at work. The magic of the gods.


Victory of cosmic wisdom over ignorance and barbarism.


The father of the gods. Protection. Blessing. Higher wisdom. Education. Deliverance. Science and University.


Nuclear fusion. The fusion between spirit and soul. Astral projection. Cosmic vision.


Supreme success. Power, wisdom, glory, accomplishments of extraordinary Magnitude. Deliverance from dark forces. Astral Travel. Telepathy. Higher learning. University. You are about to break the chains of destiny. Self discovery.


Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!