Yogi Siddha Guru Alfred Schmielewski (Narayana)
The Greatest Western Yogi of the Twentieth Century
Yogi Alfred's divine words are in his books.


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The Sutras were written in the style of Pure Land Buddhism of 5th Century China
The Millennium is written in a style of poetry and phrases. 18 Books and One Deck of Cards!

1. Sayings from the Pure Land PDF , 17 pages, Poetry Style $10.00 Ignorance is the root of pain and suffering, fear is the root of evil, evil is the root of desperation. How senseless is all this, how useless is it. to fill hallucinations with meaning. True wisdom manifests when we lie on the earth, facing the everlasting sky, when our heart flows silently and towards the nameless God on the wings of love and love and longing.

2. The Forbidden Prophecy PDF Prose 30 pages $10.00 Narayana's supernatural powers, which are fundamentally different from his paranormal powers, are neither congenital nor induced by drugs; They result from advanced yoga practices, meditation, the practice of Samadhi, and the mercy of the Deity. Some of Narayana's paranormal powers were rated scientifically , and count amongst the best of our time. His grossly unknown supernatural powers were never demonstrated in public; they are reserved for the rare occasions given by the initiation of pupils.

3. The Millennium of the Inner Truth PDF Prose 44. Pages $10.00

Since Pablo Picasso and the school of cubists atomized shape, there has been a constant decline in the art of painting. Action painting, as much as New York Pop Art, are sure signs of the deterioration of the element of the human spirit as a force in world culture.

4. The Millennium PDF 33 Poetry Style 33 pages $10.00

The inmost self of human being, the priceless treasure, Immortal wisdom, is the ultimate, The sage of supreme enlightenment Is the holy emptiness, Being emptiness, He has neither shape nor color, nor does he have a shadow, He being everywhere and resting nowhere, how can anyone see him, how can anyone find him?

5. The Gospel of the Light of Mankind PDF 63 pages $10.00

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One of the great sages is coming to terms with God and the world, is making a stand against the murder of the human race. Maha Yogi A.S. Narayana Siddha GuruGiri ;

6. The Golden Flower PDF 24 pages Prose Poetry Style 24 Pages $10.00

Ultimate reality, Is the Shoreless Ocean of Wisdom. Some call it God, Some call it the mind of God, The Wise do not call it anything, Words cannot express it, Only God's eternal silence ... Wisdom is not like anything, Wisdom is far beyond human language, Form can not contain it, It cannot be named. The Nameless, Is the translucent emptiness, That is nothing. There is no shore to stand on, There is no river to cross. There is no vehicle, There is no other shore. There is no one to depart, There is no one to cross the river.

7. Quaintrains Prophecies to the year 5000, PDF 36 pages, Prose $10.00

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America, a civilization that has so far failed to become a culture, lacks the essential intellectual and cultural instruments required to fully understand the true nature of Yoga and the Royal Art. Yoga, in particular, is grossly misunderstood. "That the West regards as Yoga is a California type of vanilla ice cream Yoga, or dancereize on television. These popular practitioners tend to be religious impostors, gangster swamis, accountants posing as redeemers,, Korean ex-CIA agents, or cultists funded by drug smugglers. The characters frequently featured in comic strips in Indian newspapers are regarded as sages, Yogis, and holy men because they own a hundred Rolls Royce.

8. A Play, No Exit, PDF 12 pages, Play Style $10.00

GARCIN. Really? ... Yes, yes, I dare say ... (He takes another look around) Still, I certainly didn't expectthis! You know what they tell us down there? VALET. What about? GARCIN. About (makes a sweeping gesture) thiserresidence. VALET. Really, sir, how could you believe such cockandbull stories? Told by people who'd never set foot here. For, of course, if they had GARCIN. Quite so. (Both laugh. Abruptly the laugh diesfiom Garcin'sface) But, I say, where are the instruments of torture? VALET. The what? GARCIN. The racks and redhot pincers and all the other paraphernalia?

9. Predictions to year 5000 and Miester Erchart, PDF 46 pages, Prose, $10.00

For there was a time during the 20th century after Joshua of Nazareth, where the Evil Empires the United States of America and the Soviet Union had conquered the world and enslaved humanity. (1) For there was a day, where 300 millions of children who had died from hunger during the cruel Cold War came before the Holy Sages. (2) For there was a day, when the Holy and the Wise, the spiritual Lords of Humanity took compassion with the starving and the dying children of the world. Alas, alas the holy sages invoked the justice of the Gods.

10. The Yoga Aphorisms of Narayana, PDF 51 pages, Prose, #10.00

Emperor Wu: " Which merits did I acquire by SO generously supporting the cause of Buddhism?" Bodhidharma: " None whatsoever, your Imperial Majesty." Emperor Wu: " What is considered by your reverence to be the first principle of the Holy Doctrine?" Bodhidharma: " Fast emptiness with nothing holy therein" Narayana: The Dharma of the Buddha, the Holy Doctrine, is like an empty space as fast as the Cosmos, with nothing whatsoever therein, but this nothing is not nothing. Maya and Lila are powers of Brahman. Brahman and Its powers are one. Therefore, and as all is the One, there is no essential difference between Brahman and Maya, Brahman and Lila, the Ocean of Wisdom and ignorance. Laotzu: "It was from the nameless that heaven and earth sprang." ( The Tao te Ching, first stanza.)

11. Nemesis, a Prophesy and The Secrets of the Katha Unpanishad, PDF 53 Pages, Prose $10.00

The Vedic seers say: 'God is the creator of the universe.' Narayana: The cosmos is an eternal thought in the mind of Brahman. The cosmos is a living being and of mental nature. This mental life.form or being is immortal. It is one of the mental functions of Brahman. The Vedic seers say: 'God brings forth the universe by means of the Veda's.' Narayana: 'Although the cosmos expands and contracts like one breathing, it is forever. There never was a station, where the cosmos was not, nor shall it ever be that there is no cosmos. St. Thomas von Aquinas was in fatal error when he stated that Nothing contains a potential from whence something can be made by God. The everlasting cosmos cannot be brought forth by anything or anyone. For the cosmos is not separate from God, but a living function of the living God.'

12. Auto Biography PDF 186 pages, prose $10.00

What the man of illumination sees when he looks at this world through the eyes of God is what French philosopher and author Jean Paul Satre Implied in his famous play No Exit. The man of illumination sees Hell; a Hell created by man's Inhuman greed for power and money. He sees a world society that can only survive by devouring human beings, a society that tolerates financial and political cannibalism.
  • 13. The New Gospel! PDF 80 pages, $10.00

  • THE GOSPEL OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY inhuman greed for money and power, their terrible corruption, has been demonstrated for countless generations. Mankind cannot expect any mercy from its leaders, be they kings, emperors, presidents, prime ministers, commissars, pontiffs, or chairmen of Communist parties. Their love of war, their total disregard of human dignity, their terrible crimes against God and the spirit of man, present them as something less than human.
  • 14. Predictions from 1980 to 1990 PDF 19 pages Prose $10.00

  • FEBRUARY 12, 1981 RONALD REAGAN THROUGH THE EYES OF THE SOVIETS After enjoying sadistically four years in which the Soviet influence increased in the Panama Canal, the Strait of Hormoudzd, the Schatt el Arab, the oil fields of Iran and almost the Republic of South Africa, one ghastly winter day, all out of the blue, they were hit deep below the belt by the most awful thing that has recently happened to the Kremlin: The election of Ronald Reagan. To the Soviets, Ronald Reagan is their threat in the White House, a mean old man who has already called their bluff.
  • 15. The Western Book of the Dead PDF 235 pages Prose $10.00

  • There are no beings, there are only divine thoughts that appear as beings. Shapes constantly transform, manifest, and dissolve, while essential being is forever. Essential Being is the One Being, the that permeates the Cosmos. No being was ever created by anyone, for being is forever in the past, present and future. Being is One. The Ocean of being permeates all beings. Brahma, the Creator is not needed in an eternal cosmos. Vishnu, the Preserver is not needed in an evertransforming cosmosShiva, the Destroyer is not possible in an eternal cosmos, for all things transform into other things. Although shapes appear and dissolve forever, being never dies nor is being destroyed.
  • 16. A Dialogue with an Extra Terrestrial PDF 21 pages $10.00

  • Narayana is a Yogi and a sensitive, but not a scientist in any capacity. The distortions were also caused by the author's fear unto death, his horror of the prospect of being assimilated by the Alien. What more than a microbe could a mortal man of the twentieth century be, when encountering a sophisticated and cultured Alien, astronomically superior to man.
  • 17. The Space Age Tarot Book PDF 160 pages $10.00

  • Love is the highest point of wisdom. The Space Age Tarot, Two of Cups Card! After casting the great oracle, the consultee should meditate on the two great pyramids in front of him and let visions and intuitions rise from within his unconscious. He should then immerse himself into the innermost depths of the great ocean of the unconscious. From the Great Pyramid Reading, “The pyramid features an oracle covering the human life in its entirety from the moment of birth to the moment of death.

    18. The Space Age Tarot Cards 72 Cards $20.00

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    19. The Forbidden Prophecy THE YOGI. if there is neither life nor the absence of life, if there is neither death nor the absence of death, if there is neither immortality nor mortality, if there is neither time nor eternity, what is there? SHIVA. Hear you, My Yogi; hear you, living beings: There is the river of eternity, this river flows from the Sphotam source (the dense state). This river, forever nameless, is life and death as one; for life and death are words alone, void of reality. THE YOGI, Tell me, O Lord, of the source of the river of eternity. Where does this river come from? Where does this river go to?

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