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Introduction by Greg Henry Waters

"Hello, I would like to introduce Yogi Narayana to you and say a few words about this remarkable man who has given his life to the study of life and human beings.  As with all great men he writes about subjects nobody else would dare comment or write about. Remember this site is for educational purposes only so that you too can become a stronger and better person.  Maha was a Saint, Yogi Maha A.S. Narayana, and a poet who had  psychic powers AND the will power to write the truth.  He spent his last 20 years studying world governments and conditions and became an expert in political affairs and a first class political commentator.

He spent the other 40 years writing and upgrading the sacred literature: Sutras, Gospels, Upanishads, Hatha Yoga, ESP, Predictions, Tarot Cards, Buddhist Sutras, Western Book of the Dead, TIBETAN YOGA and more." 

Greg Henry Waters Raja Yoga Instructor

Now, how many Yogas are there? There are infinite number of Yogas. Anything that frees you from sorrow and gives you real bliss is Yoga. There are various practices but essentially Yoga is one, and the several practices are there in order to suit people of different capacities and tendencies. In order to suit the different temperaments and aptitudes, the ancients have prescribed different paths: Now we are living in a new age of religious understanding, but very few understand this idea.

Yogi Maha A. S. Narayana (Alfred Schmielewski) Giri Master Avatar

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Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

Yoga is not   the Lotus Position, not an important exercise when it comes to health, but Yoga is tension release, balance routines, breathing routines, spine development,   meditation, skin-care, relaxation therapy, concentration, psychotherapy, metaphysics, nutrition, diet using juice therapy, nerve exercises, weight reduction, religious study, philosophy study, history, moral education which is leading to the inner-self or soul once the mind and body is purified from these practices. 

One of his last pictures Fred's Wife Bianca the Dancer He believed in love between the two sexes.