Piece for Tuba, Violin Cello and Piano

Greg Henry Waters, 2006 July

I wrote this piece for the Tuba Players.

It is that simple and I have a good friend Dave Braynard who is a studio musician in New York City his entire life. He was happy to hear that I wanted to compose a piece.

He sent me a piece to listen to for Tuba, Bass Trombone and String Bass. I liked the instruments, but the balance was off I thought in the recording. Too much bass trombone and not enough String Bass.

Well, I hope this piece solves some of the balancing problems created by the instrumentation and the recording.

Good luck with this piece. The performers will have to work on the correct tempos and pauses. According to their taste. Like Bartok said you are playing it perfectly.

Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters

Happy to change parts and notes to suit one's playing ability.


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