Suite for Paul Part I (1942-2004) March 11 by

Greg Henry Waters

This ensemble is for High School or College Jazz Band.

It can be used as a solo with rhythm section or four horns, (Alto, Tenor, Trombone, and Trumpet) playing the lines in unison. Solo and Melody Part can be performed with Vibes or other mallet instrument.

It is a medium slow tempo or you can increase the tempo according to the level of the group. The students or class can change the octave if it gets out of range for them or just leave some of the notes out. Jazz is a music where one is free to change parts if they like.

This I really learned in New York were the band sometimes where not playing the chart as it was written.

So enjoy and I think it is a nice line, solo part, for the students learning improvisation.

Greg Henry Waters



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