Only with Thine Eyes arr. by Greg Henry Waters for High

School Orchestra, Groups of Choirs Format

This piece was written for the La Salle Orchestra in Hong Kong where they have an excellent after school music string program.

The conductor asked me to write a warm up piece for this orchestra.

So, I picked this hymn by Mozart because of his name and the full sound of the hymn. Full tones and long notes to get the students to use their bows. Also each section of the orchestra is featured: Stings, Brass, Woodwinds, the oboes can double on the flute parts.

Sorry no percussion parts.

The harmony is modern so that the students get use to hearing sounds they never heard before, how to hear the contrast and being lost in sound and it all comes together at the end of the phrase and that everybody is really together. Plus each section is featured alone so they get exposed and cannot hide their instrument in the full sound of the group.

I will include all the parts in the score. Because high school orchestras do have have all the instruments. I hope you can double the tuba part with cello, string bass or trombone to fill in the part since it has a lot of moving notes. Not sure the tubas can handle it. It is up to you to give this part to the right performers. Plus not sure you have oboes or bassoons so this is a problem for high school orchestras. At least it was in La Salle. So let me know what you think and I can edit the score for you a little if you like.

I believe it is a good warm up piece for kids.

Thank You Greg Henry Waters

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