Undergraduate School


Entrance Requirements

The requirements for entrance and graduation as set forth in this catalog are in accordance with the published rules and regulations of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Graduation from an accredited high school is required for admission to degree courses. High school graduation is assumed to imply a minimum of fifteen units of high school credit, conforming to the college entrance requirement of the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. It is recommended that three units be in English, two in foreign languages, one in mathematics, one in science or history and eight in elective sub ects; that five of the eight electives be in these same fields or in other subjects of general educational value. The remaining three units may be in music or other subjects accepted for graduation by the high school. Any deficiency in high school credits must be made up during the first year of the degree course. Satisfactory completion of the General Educational Development tests, with standard scores approved by the Illinois State Approval Agency, is acceptable for entrance of Veterans who are capable of carrying music courses at college level.

2 The results of SAT and College Board Examinations are helpful in determin ing ability and their inclusion is suggested.

3 Al ' I degree candidates are required to make application and file transcripts of credit with the Registrar well in advance of the semester or quarter in which they plan to enter.

4 Required Examinations a. b. c.Piano proficiency examinations. Examinations in Elements of Theory and Musical Perception. Candidates in applied music are required to take Admission Examina tion in their applied major subject prior to entrance. See pages 26 34 for examination material. d.An examination in written English.

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing may be established by examination or by transfer of credits from an accredited institution. Students planning to transfer credits in applied or theoretical music are requested to send transcripts in advance of the opening of the Semester. If this is impossible, the records of previous study should be submitted upon arrival. Students who can show proficiency in required music courses may be released from such courses necessary examination and allowed to substitute other advanced standing by examination does not alter the mi earned credit hours required for graduation.



A limited number of partial scholarships are available in the Chicago Conservatory College. Included are the Francois D'Albert Scholarship (Violin), the Helen B. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship (Piano), The Bernard Dieter Scholarship (Theory). Three scholarships, sponsored by Sigma Alpha Iota, are open to academic students. They are Glee Maeck Memorial Scholarship General Scholarship

3 (Another scholarship is open to S. A. 1. women alone.) There are a number of Illinois State Scholarships and Grants awarded on the basis of need. FRATERNITY Sigma Alpha Iota is a national Women's professional fraternity. It's purpose is not only to promote long lasting friendships but also high standards in scholarship, inspiration and achievement in music. It creates musical opportunities that might otherwise be unattainable.

Practice Organs

Two practice organs are available at the Chicago Conservatory College. Students may reserve organ practice periods at a nominal rental.

Practice Facilities

Students of the Chicago Conservatory College have the opportunity for a limited amount of practice at a nominal charge in the evening in studios when these rooms are not scheduled for teaching. There is no charge for practice studios during the daytime.

Veterans Training The Chicago Conservatory College is approved by the State of Illinois and Veterans Administration for training of Veterans. Procedure for obtaining authorization for study will be explained in detail upon request at the office of the Veterans Administration or at the office of the College. It is the earnest desire of the Chicago Conservatory College to give each veteran the special thought and thorough training which will lead him to the accomplishment of his ambition. With this in mind, every effort is given to proper guidance in preparing practical and interesting programs of study.

Living Accommodations

The College will cooperate in finding suitable living accommodations for out of town students in the event they need help in this matter. Among the suggested residences for young women are the following: Three Arts Club, 1300 North Dearborn Parkway The McCormick Residence, 1001 North Dearborn Street Central Eleanor Association, 16 North Wabash Avenue Men students are advised to arrange for temporary or permanent accommodations at the Y.M.C.A. Hotel, 826 South Wabash Avenue, or at the Lawson Y.M.C.A., 30 West Chicago Avenue, or contact the Director of Central Y.M.C.A.' 19 South LaSalle Street. After the student becomes familiar with Chicago, it is often possible to secure other accommodations.


Classification of Students

All students are enrolled under one of the following classifications:

Chicago Conservatory College 1 UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOL Candidates for the Bachelor of Music or the Bachelor of Music Edu cation Degree are enrolled in this department. Requirements are listed on pages 13 16.11 GRADUATE SCHOOL Students who have completed the requirements for the Bachelor of Music Degree may make application for admittance to the Graduate School. Pages 35 36. The ConservatoryIII PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT Elementary and intermediate level students are enrolled in the Pre paratory Department. Those who wish to continue study following the completion of the preparatory course, and who can meet the re quirements for admission to the Undergraduate School (Bachelor of Music) may make application for admission. See requirements Pages 13 16.

IV SPECIAL STUDENTS Adult students may enroll in the Conservatory for training to meet their individual needs either for professional aptitude or for their own

personal accomplishment. Such students are not required to comply with entrance requirements nor are they required to follow prescribed courses of study. College credit is not allowed for such courses. Special students who can meet college entrance requirements may transfer to the College Department if they wish to do so. Consult the Registrar for information regarding the transfer.

Foreign Students The student who is a resident of a foreign country who wishes to apply for admission to Chicago Conservatory College must comply with the fol lowing conditions: 1.Submit evidence of High School completion together with transcripts of any college credits earned. Transcripts and records submitted in a foreign language must be translated into English and certified by a responsible party. 2.Speak and understand English in order to enroll for class and private instruction. The ability to communicate satisfactorily in English must be verified by a teacher or another responsible party. 3.Submit application and tuition deposit well in advance of the semester in which enrollment is contemplated. 4.Carry a full course of study, equalling a minimum of fourteen semester hours of college credit.Form 120A, required by the United States Immigration Office, will be for warded to the student after his application has been approved and the above conditions satisfied.



To serve to the greatest extent the interests and objectives of various students, the corporate structure of the Chicago Conservatory is organized into two distinct and separate educa tional divisions functioning as follows:

Chicago Conservatory College chartered by the State of Illinois as a non profit institution. In this division all candidates for credit are enrolled in the Undergraduate or Graduate Schools.

Chicago Conservatory College is a member of the National Association of Schools of Music and is accredited by that organization for both Bachelor and Master Degree courses. The requirements for entrance and for graduation as set forth in this catalog are in accordance with the published regulations of the National Association of Schools of Music. It is a constituent member of the American Council on Education.

Chicago Conservatory College is recognized by the United States Office of Health, Education and Welfare as an institution of higher education, authorized to grant degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels and is so listed in the annual bul letin issued by the above Government office.

Chicago Conservatory College is approved by the United States Government for the training of foreign non quota students.

Chicago Conservatory College is approved by the State of Illinois and the Veterans Administration for the training of veterans.

The Illinois State Board of Education recognizes the Chicago Conservatory College as a teacher training institution for public school music teaching.

The Conservatory a division especially designed for stu dents of two types:

1. Junior and adult students who are studying at an ele mentary or intermediate level.

2.Artist students and professionals who wish to enroll in special courses (non credit) to meet their individual needs either for professional aptitude or for their own personal acomplishment.