Greg Waters

 Instruments:Clarinet, Flute, Saxophones, Oboe and Bassoon


The Music Show by Greg Waters/New York, NY 10458 TV Productions

The Music Show is in a format that will be mostly concerts of chamber music groups in jazz and classical music. We have many musicians lined up to be on the show, but we want to have the same groups on to form a relationship with you also. We create music that you can develop and understanding with.

The musicians come from the New York Area who supported CMP in its many years of development in presentations of our music in the different concerts settings we provide. In the near future we plan on running a big band jazz festivals featuring the swing, Latin, and modern sounds of instrumental big band jazz.

Creative Music Productions Inc. is a professional performing arts organization started in 1977 by Mr. Greg Henry Waters to promote contemporary American Music and the Artists of our time in what ever field of music they are in as long as they meet th e peer standards set by the groups and beliefs of CMP with the traditions CMP has been developing in the last 15 years. Again, for further information write Creative Music Productions Inc. 690 E 189th Street #5G, Bronx, NY 10458-6346 Supported in Part/Material for the Arts, The Department of Sanitation, through The Department of Cultural Affairs, NYCCMP Performing groups

His Reviews from his albums are terrific:

Greg Waters, Miwaukee native, who
records in the East and Canada, An exceptionally gifted musician composer.
Monitor-Herald, Wax Works Waters was unknown to this reviewer, but this
fine album, Mission, made me really sit up and take notice. Greg is a
musician of uncommon ability. Bronx News, Highlights in Jazz, Jack

Greg Waters' Mission is worth buying without reservation.

Waters is skilled, distinctive and plays well ordered music. New Sounds, Will

Smith, Omaha, Neb. Waters' Mission Album stands among such artists as

Mary Lou Williams, George Russel, Phil Woods, Beaver Harris, Jimmy

Guiffre and others in this class. Bullets, Detroit Sun.

Reedman Waters is a
virtuoso multi- instrumentalist and gifted composer whose music deserves to
be heard more widely. The Observation Post, Frederic Seasman, New York
City. Greg Waters' convictions and beliefs in music are uncompromising. In
Greg's own words, The most important part of music is honesty. That is
Waters' Mission. After you experience his work we are sure that you will
agree that Greg Henry Waters is one of today's most constructive new forces
in the world of music.

Greg Waters Duos

 Greg Waters Quartet Plus

The Greg Waters Quartet Plus is a group that performs with 4 to 8 musicians in a varity of styles for concerts and entertainment events.

Tropical Music Quartet, Guitar, Horn, Bass and Drums

CMP Latin Jazz All Stars

We perform the latin jazz standards and orgiginal music from 4 to 10 member group. Featuring latin jazz star Daniel Ponce, Congas.

Greg Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra

The Greg Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra is a group of 10 to 13 musicians playing the orginal music of Greg Waters along with some arrangements of jazz standards.

CMP's Big Band

The Big Band has 17 performers playing the music of the bi-bop area and the swing area. This band is an exciting sound for your enjoyment


The Greg Waters Composer's Ensemble

This group is the avant-garde grouping classical, jazz and free form music into one blend of sound. The music transforms you into many different styles.

Phone/Fax 718-733-8622

TV Producer/Host/Conductor/Composer

Beeper 917-469-1283 Phone/Fax 718-733-8622

Goal Locate distribution for TV Series, Produce Shows and Concerts, Educate and inform public on the benefits of serious music.