September 16, 2001 My personal thoughts for this week on being a true American in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson. Just to be born American or live in the country does not make you an American. Following in the tradition of a person like Thomas Jefferson who may have had many faults still was our example. How are we going to become a better country with better friends through-out the world is my question? We are not doing it now!

I am in Mexico with my daughter Leslie, the last few days we have been in the hospital because my Daughter has not been eating the correct food and She got an infection in her stomach. A person can get it from eating too much hot sauce and junk food. I kept telling her do not drink coke and do not eat that junk food, chips really. But it did not do any good. Somehow I think She is in God's hands and not in my hands.

Of course, I am very upset over this because it cost a lot of money to be in the hospital and I am not working. (I am talking about my everyday problems because we all have them.) But when I do work I am not very good because I do not feel very well. My teeth, my arms, my back, legs or something is always hurting and someone else is taking care of Leslie and who knows what is going on. It is not very easy getting old. I am a single father! (59)

I never knew how much work it is to take care of a young girl I am on call from 6 in the morning to 12 at night. I do not know if I am strong enough to do all this. Now I know what the meaning of what my Mother said many years ago, ¨I could only rest when I was sick in the hospital.¨ This is the life of a Mother who cares for their children. I know many Mothers who do not really care for their children, but that is another story.

This week was the week of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. The TV stations just kept showing the airplane flying into the building every minute here in Acapulco. It was really hard to believe someone would fly an airplane into a building and kill themselves for some belief. How can anyone change the world condition? The sky is so large it goes on for ever and ever with no beginning and no end. Why do people think they can change other people by flying into buildings and killing ten thousand people? Why can't the world leaders sit down and talk and work things out? It is simply learning how to agree with - or at least, accept - another person's opinion and way of life. But somehow people cannot do this, so we have wars. What good is it to just keep on killing people?

The Americans accept their pain because they have lost so many people in wars or have come to America as a sanctuary from wars. The Americans do not ask for help from anyone. America is the last resort. They are not responsible for the whole world's problems, but the world country's governments gave this job to the USA.

As the world's leader, the United States has made many mistakes in foreign policy by protecting one country and ignoring another. The world is too complicated for us to make all the decisions for the world. The people of each country must take their own responsibility for their decisions and not ask the USA to take sides. We must not get into business relationships that makes one country rich and another country poor. This can only bring us more airplanes flying into our buildings. We must not lend money to foreign countries so it bankrupts them. Why should they pay it back when they feel they were taken advantage of during a circumstance of weakness? The greed and selfishness of the American Businessman has to be controlled to a respectful level if that is possible.

The people of the the third world must be very angry with us to fly airplanes into the biggest business buildings in the United States. Have we not listened to them? We must be doing something that they do not like. What is it really? Has a newspaper printed what their problems with us are? I would really like to know. What Americans do not understand is the cultural differences and mentalities of other countries- even though it is The Melting Pot. I believe this is our biggest fault in dealing with others.

But here in Mexico, greed and selfishness are called corruption. What kind of corruption do we have in the States? I remember reading about the military industry buying parts for ten times the price or more. But we never called it corruption. We called it doing business with the government.

But down here, especially in Acapulco- the laughing stock of Mexico, corruption invades everyday life and everyday conversation. No one knows how to tell the truth or even why they should tell the truth! Everything is make believe.

So what is the diagnosis of the human condition now? What are we to do? On the TV, when I saw the Twin Towers I also saw the housing projects. I know the Twin Towers and I have been in the housing projects nearby a few times, too. They are worlds apart. Why did they not blow up the housing projects? Because the people in the housing projects have no power, I guess. Or the Twin Towers were an easier target?

What really surprises me, people in Acapulco are saying that they are sorry about this; it is the first time I ever heard anybody say something nice about my home country. It is really different. People are worried, I guess, in what is going to happen to them, in all this, too.

What is my new view? My view is that the USA and the WORLD all have to change. The USA must take less responsibility for the problems of the world and the world must clean their own house and not depend so much on American's money and products. What I am sorry about here in Mexico is that all the goods here are American made or American Names except maybe the cement and the dirt, plus labor. Countries have to make their own products or we have to become a one country world with the same money and pay scale.

This money exchange system that we have, is a way for banks to make money and it has nothing to do with the value of the money. It is just another way to make money for the banks, as I see it. Money producing nothing.

We have to be careful in dealing with these people from Pakistan. Remember how Ghandi tried to get them to stop fighting one another? Even he could not stop the killing between Hindus and Moslems. What makes you think Cowboy Bush can blow up the terrorists once and for all? These people do not live in our world; but in their own world with beliefs different from ours. One thing I have learned in living in other countries is that people can have a different viewpoint without any real foundation. But they believe their opinion to be fact; simply because they are in their own country. How do we deal with self righteousness? We blew up Japan. We tried to blow up Vietnam. Are American leaders going to blow up the world because they are always right?

There has to be a new vision - not the old one or the last one - but a new vision.

One man wrote our Delcaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, but do we have thinkers like that today? I somehow do not think so. What are we to do? Having Bush get on TV and saying we are going out with the Cowboys to get bombers is not my idea of a real leader.

Please send in your opinions and start thinking about this. WILL WALL STREET,

GENERAL ELECTRIC OR OTHER BIG COMPANIES DECIDE OUR FUTURE? twintowers.gif (3571 bytes) nycb.gif (3990 bytes) dreams.jpg (5550 bytes) sad.gif (4048 bytes) thinking.gif (16742 bytes) A Quote from an Essay: ¨The extraterrestrial considered capitalism, Communism, Fascism, Christian and Muslim Fundamentalism and Mammonism 'collective mental illnesses . In It's view, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Southern Chan and Hassidism were the only decent religions that ever happened on earth, and he expressed his appreciation of Emperor Asoka.¨ So what do you think about this statement?

Read what a prophet had to say about us. You do not have to agree with him but you should take the time to read his last writings about our present world condition. Maybe it will change your opinion a little and at least some good may result from his insight .

Greg Henry Waters PDF file by the USA ( Policy Statements) please read the truth about our leaders.