Good musings concerning Robin Williams and the U.N., etc.  I tend to lean conservatively myself, simply because Democrats are just as hypocritical as Republicans (or more).  And are they really for minorities, or is it just a ploy to get more votes?  Not being from a big city, most folks around me have old-fashioned values (which I see absolutely nothing wrong with... with no foundation or foundational beliefs, well, your foundation is weak.) However, I see people voting, or chatting about the next election, and it's "all about the money".  Personally, I vote on morals, because morals (truth, honesty, integrity, true patriotism - love of country, love of neighbor, respect of all people) shouldn't change.  In other words, the economy goes up and down, but I don't think morals should. 
Bottom line concerning this upcoming election, for me it's all about moral status.  To weigh the lesser of the two evils, well, I can't say either for Kerry or Bush.  I can, however, say with distinct clarity that the Democratic party is becoming so liberal, that it's easy to see how some would do away with basic morals in favor of "free thinking" or "progressive thought"... which is basically, in my opinion, subtle beginnings of "free love" and "do whatever you want if it makes you feel good".  Eh, sin for a season...
Ok, about the U.N. (United Nothing)... Well, could someone tell me exactly what is the point of their existence, and do they even try to adhere to their original goals of being? 
Why is it that natural born citizens pay all the damn taxes and illegal aliens and immigrants get all the breaks?  Illegal aliens in California don't have to pay out of state fees to attend a state school / university (wtf???).  In California, criminals in prison who volunteer for a work detail are required to have Worker's Comp.  Who pays for the Worker's Comp???  No wonder the Democratically controlled California is in such a financial mess.  Sorry, I'm going off on tangents here.
When this country was started, it was founded on wonderful ideas.  I think we're at a point now in history where those ideas should remain solid, yet perhaps our methods of maintaining them should be reviewed and updated.  I won't go into details of my own opinion (not intensely, anyway), but these are a few of my thoughts. 
By the way, I'm a multi-instrumentalist who studied jazz performance at a southern university.  Not all of us "artsy-fartsy" musicians are Democrats. 
Enjoy your site!  Thanks for your musings.
Chuck Hutcheson


wow! a message from Robin Williams.  He made a 65 minute video in the 80's and whenever I see it, it makes me laugh.  Robin Williams is one of the most funniest and talented performers in America.  When I helped contribute to the site, I at times thought it was out of fulfilling a promise. I didn't think it would go far as it did.  I recently reread fred's Western Book of the Dead and I found myself revisiting the same truths and vision he laid out in his work.  It offers the same inspiration, illumination, and vision of the past and future.  I don't see America as the enemy, I see it as a reflection of ourselves.  We in this society must start thinking as a collective, rather than as an individual.  If we don't change, or ameliorate, wars will manifest.  There has to be a sense of pioneering spirit, a new sense of renewal to permeate our society to get us going on the right track.  I don't unders tand how the US army invades a country and they are there to protect their interests.  How can anyone say they have business interests in a foreign country.  If investors wish to protect their business interests in a foreign counrty, then let investors on Wall Street buy a gun, go to Iraq and physically defend their so called business interests to death. Secondly, when Bush initiated the troops to leave Europe, South Korea, and Japan, what he did is acknoledge that the American Empire is receding. In WWII, allied forces fought for these bases and it would take another war to get them back.  The inteligentisia in Washington and New York must change their vision of America in the 21st century, or face the fact that a super power like the USA will be eclipsed in the face of a uniting European and Asian Empires.  My brother and I are convinced it will be India, or China, that would set up a base on Mars.  We Engl ish speeking types have all the money, status, and access to resources, but we don't have the vision for such an enterprise. Thirdly, I have an axe to grind for med school flunkies.  I believe med school flunkies and rich kids oughta be banned, but that is an issue to be discussed at another time.  (these last two sentences were for Robin Williams!)  All the best!

Paul Collins

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Williams briefly studied political science before enrolling at Juilliard to study theatre. After graduation, he performed in night clubs where he was discovered for the role of Mork on an episode of "Happy Days" and the subsequent "Mork & Mindy" (1978) TV series. Williams' wild comic talent involves a great deal of improvisation, following in the footsteps of his idol, Jonathan Winters. Williams has also proven to be an effective dramatic actor.