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Objective:  This newsletter came out of my experiences dealing in a new culture and a new history.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provoke serious thought about musical art.  What is it? Where should it be going?  In addition, what is going on in China?  I write about my personal experiences and my thoughts about them.


Pop Music Rules


The Olympics are back and we all are watching TV.


 O·lym·pi·an (½-l¹mp-n) adj. 1. Greek Mythology. Of or relating to the greater gods and goddesses of the ancient Greek pantheon, whose abode was Mount Olympus. 2.a. Majestic in manner. b. Superior to mundane affairs. c. Surpassing all others in scope and effect.


    I was really impressed with the opening the games it was really nice but then as usual I started to listen to the music.  And again Pop Rules and I was wondering what happened to the majestic manner with superior ability surpassing all others in scope and effect.


Well, you will never have this is a form of music that is based on rules and not on freedom.  The Rock Industry is placing everybody’s ears in a box that cannot get out.  They decide the chord progression, the tempo, the instruments, the style, the length of the piece, the main intervals used,  rhythm of the drums which is usually a repetitive beat that will hit you in the face.  If the composer goes out of these rules he is condemned to no work and no money.  So the poor guy loves his money and will create anything to please the producers. Please, please give me your money I will make a complete ass out of myself if you give me money.  I love your money please, please give me your money.  I do not love music I love my stupidity that you love.  If I look like a fool I can earn money and buy a new car and new house.  I do not care about real music I only care about my money.  Money is everything to me I just love money so much that I paste it on my body at night and sleep with it.  It is more important than life itself.  I think you get the idea by now. Ha Ha


This is what we have for music in our lives we cannot get away from the people who rule the music industry for me they are dead and have no culture.  They are taking humanity into the dark ages of creative music and we have been there for over 50 years and it just is getting worse.


See, the Olympics music CDS are rock groups and singers not real music but controlled programmed music that has no freedom of harmony, rhythm, voice range, orchestration, or sound level.  For me it is a big joke on the public and the world.  The entire world is sucked into the mental illusion that rock musicians bring to us with their long hair and feeling of importance.  This also brings me to the joke of DJ’s who have taken over the position of the performing musicians.  They earn huge sums of money just for having a record collection.  Having had to perform with my CDS here in Shenzhen I have learned to hate DJ’s.  They know nothing about music and have no understanding of sound levels and balance.  Every club I have performed in here in Shenzhen has given me a major musical break down.  Now I not only have to compete with other musicians one has to ad DJ’s, CD’s background music etc. 


The public is so addicted to this music that if they hear something with thought in it or original they will ask it to be turned off.  I know I have experienced this in many bars here in China.  For China is in a name brand mentally to live the western life style as quickly as possible in the big cities.  All this name brand mentally comes from the States and other Western developed so call countries.  I hate to say it but for me the States and other western countries are very underdeveloped when it comes to musical art.  I piano player friend was performing Chopin in a coffee bar and the waitress came over to tell us that she should stop playing Chopin and play some pop music.  This is what I am talking about waitresses have control over music not musicians.  Bartenders and club owners have control over the music and not musicians. Who are these people?  They have no education in music and telling musicians what to play.  Only the blood sucking musicians will accept this mentally not real musicians.


If you are having an operation do you tell the doctor how to operate.  I hardly think so you let him do his job, but in music everybody is an expert.


Well folks I am here to tell the world that you do not have the right to tell musicians how to create their music.


The really sad thing for me in all this attention to pop music is that the public is being sucked into music without having any real background in what is music and what is not music.  Here in China I cannot get away from Kenny G where ever I go there is Kenny G.


Just listen to the music on the morning news programs they play the same computer themes every day like there is not other music in the world to play.  What a joke, are they really that stupid?  I some how think so.  My yoga teacher said that stupidity is the foundation of the world I guess it must me true.  If you do not have this mentality in this world you are not one of the gang you will be left out.  So make sure that your education level stays the same which must be low when it comes to music so you can fit in with the group.


Like a rock star the people will cheer when they see them.


So much for real music, where is the music? What is music? Who knows what music is?  Even when the USA went to the moon they played Rock’n roll.  Rock’n roll is a controlled creative music it is not music.


I guess I am fighting a hopeless cause for real music.  Sometimes I cannot even create real music because there is so much junk in the world that it affects me too.


Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters


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