Sleazy, Speaking out against the music business, CDs business, radio, television, movies! etc.

By Greg Henry Waters

Spitzer, Attorney General of New York State fines Sony Records for 10 million dollars for payola corruption. Such artist as Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Don, Train, Franz Ferdinand, Big Mike etc. are included. My point if they are so good why do they need Payola? It is because they have nothing to sell except a false illusion of what music is. Real music last for centuries.

Bill Board Magazine is the real criminal because radio stations use their magazine to make playing decisions. If there wasn't such a magazine then radio stations would be free to play the music they like. Not play music from an opinion poll.

To me the audience or lack of music education by the music listener is a problem too. Just because they hear something on the radio means they have to buy the CD. Our lack of respect for real music is a problem too in this country. Who is to decide what is real is the question? Certainly not paying off DJs by getting them to play their music! The old saying out of sight out of mind is what does not sell records or CDs. If musician cannot get air-play then the monopoly continues with the big players who spend 3700 dollars for 37 or more plays on the air in big markets.

I could never afford this and I have 25 CDs to sell. How can the little guy compete. He cannot really. These people have taken by right to earn a living from me.

DJs are the biggest phonies in the business. Why do they control musicians lives like they are like Gods. It is all very strange to me and shows how little people understand music. I once watched a group of computer geeks planning to build a web site to sell cheap music. It is all out of control as I see it and one can do nothing about it.

I worked for DJs in Acapulco and other cities in Mexico and I never met a group of people so out of touch with music. It was a new experience for me and very depressing to watch. But the public support Disco's in Mexico. I call them the new church of Acapulco for I saw no real morality there in this resort city, at least in my personal experience there.

How to solve this problem? To me to fine people who have money means nothing. They must put these people in jail to make any real change including the DJs, Artists, and CD Companies. The beat goes on and the payola goes on as I see it.

How to create an honest market-place where consumers and listeners are not deceived into buying music based on contrived popularity. I noticed also they do not talk about record stores who charge money to sell the CDs like super-markets do with food. By placing the merchandise in windows the seller has to pay for that space too.

A business model only based on profit will never work for fairness and quality as I see it. The public will always be deceived in one form or another.

New York City is the only city I lived in that really tries to promote music on all levels. It is a wonder because other large cities do not even come close to New York. What is wrong with the world as I see it? It is all very strange to me.

The business community is just trying to manipulate the public in any form they can in order to make a profit. Is this the model we need in life? I hardly think so but this is what we have for the most part.

Gary Null the prophet of aging says that artists are so important in society and he supports 10 or more artists in his community. Who else does this kind of work? Who else thinks on this level?

We truly are living in the dark age of music in so many ways.

Having lived in Mexico, Canada and China I know that these countries just follow the trends that start in American large cities. The disco mentally in China is so sickening when they think this model is Western Culture. The young people are getting fat like they do here by eating our over processed food. I was not impressed by the Westerners in China too because for me they had no real culture of music either, so their leading the way in China was just leading them down the non-cultural path of entertainment and payola way of doing business. This is not the heart of western culture that is for sure.

i am wondering what is western culture really? There is so much false information out there that it gets so confusing. So much worthless information and ideas that people call western art are in the market place. Art is what honors you, supports you, makes you happy and is constructive and is not a illusion of some-kind. It does not under mind or is a bad influence on others or create emptiness or dependence on you but liberates you from the depressing things in life. The business model just wants to manipulate one in using their products if they are good or not more than creating products that are really good for you. Art includes everyone and all ideas into it; it is not exclusive like so many things in our society. Art is powerful and creates love within us and is powerful love not meaningless love. This model does not suit the business model of music this is for sure!

The Dark Age of Music is here with Payola and has been going on for over 50 years. Will it ever end? I do not see how it can unless the government gets serious on shutting it down. Fines will not hurt rich people as I see it. It will keep people like me out of the business because of lack of exposure. I thought the internet would solve this problem for me but I see that big business has taken control of this medium and one cannot get airplay without paying off someone now the iPod industry.

It is up to the individuals to make choices to change the industry. If the people change the market place will change. As long as Bill Board controls the opinion polls this will be a difficult thing to stop.


Greg Henry Waters

Artist of Music

Art from Tibet is a practice of creating spirit within man and woman!