Greg Henry Waters Newsletter March 2006


What to say in this newsletter is the question?  There have been so many ideas going through my mind this last month since I turned 63 years old.  Wow, where did all the time go? How did I get this old?  What does the future hold for me? What should I do in the later years of my life?  Is the world going crazy? It certainly seems that way to me.


I have been reading the Old Testament with it strong language and its views on an ordered society and if man doesn’t follow Gods rules man will be punished.  Now isn’t this going on in the world today! God is punishing people for the evil in the world.  The Buddha sits still and just watches it all!  Will man ever learn anything?


I have been reading a book called The Magickal Life and it is a wonderful book if you are interested in a magical life if you believe in something besides money and sex.


The Tarot Cards are very interesting too.  I heard of them many years ago but never paid much attention to them until recently.  Well, it is a deck of cards of 78 types, but really it is 78 types of personalities that we see in ourselves and in others.  I have learned it is great for reviewing one’s personal life situations and is another form of looking inward into our souls or maybe into the unconscious mind. You can read about them here on the internet.  How this all started was Joe who was a friend of my Yoga Teacher sent me these Space Age Tarot Cards the Yogi had created, but Joe only sent me 37 of the 78 so what could I do?  So I am wondering how can I finish the yogi’s work without all the cards!  Anyway, you can get a feeling for these cards at  I am trying to finish this work after 20 years of silence.  Anyway, does the ego kill all things of quality and vision?  I hope soon I can place all the parts together so someday someone can read and learn about this work.


I have been practicing my clarinet lately and repairing it too since it is over 100 years old and one of the posts came out, and I had to cement it in.  It took a couple of tries to do it and I had to buy some cement too.  I was very happy to get it to work let me tell you.  Anyway, I took it to a music store, Roberto’s, and they kept it for three weeks.  I called them three times asking them how it was going and always got the repair man was not in.  I finally figured out to go back there and get my instrument.  It was a good thing I had my receipt they had no feeling of the importance this object was to me.  The repair cost me about 12 dollars in all.  Much cheaper than a complete overhaul which they were promoting by not repairing it and may have cost 450 dollars. So much for Roberto’s, another fancy store that is a lot of personality and no substance, maybe.  They have a lot of good products though. I hope your life is a little smoother than this is my point.


Now I would like to say a few words about two brothers, Dean Pratt and Mike Pratt.  These two musicians, Trumpet and Drums are dedicated big band musicians that deserve so much attention for their love of great musicians and big band music.  What can I say about them? Dean is an advocate of performing rights for composers and runs a non-profit organization for jazz composers.  He has a great CD for his band and you can find it on the internet.  Mike just wants to be a big band drummer and play all the arrangements in a style that big band drumming and their styles, complimenting the music and idiom.   I can only wish them all the success and rewards they deserve.  But with the modern music business big band music is mostly a lost art.  Cannot we save this idiom?  The greed of the music business stops this from happening.  Our greatest new art form big band jazz seems to be a lost art when it comes to public knowledge.


Talking about music, I walked into a CD store and you know all I saw were rap albums and movies.  I never saw so many musicians or singers before in one place that I never heard of.  I am out of the modern world that is for sure.  Because, I hear a few bars of rap I turn it off like it was hurting me.  I also heard an ad for a new Broadway show on the radio.  You know it sounded like all the other Broadway shows.  They were saying how wonderful it was and why everybody should go see it.  I was wondering does anybody knows the truth, cares about the truth or is interested in the truth.  So much for music, because a few minutes later they were playing on the radio Mozart’s Mass, and you know it sounded more modern and original than the Broadway Music.  “Real art is always modern and interesting.” Cannot say more about real music!


If people do not have time to learn and study we will never get anywhere as a society.  The Old Testament explains all about everyday life and man’s problems.  We still have not learned to live together as one people and one nation.  Why people believe that blowing them-selves up will help the world I do not know.  Even Christ allowed himself to be killed for the benefit of mankind. 


Much to do about nothing I think this newsletter is about. For I can only reach so few people and I wonder if anybody understands what I am talking about?  I am sure I know what I am talking about but does it have any real meaning?  Who knows I certainly do not know!


As we move forward in the ever present now I can only hope that the magic of life takes over and the world resolves its differences through magic.


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