And interested reader from China.

HI, my name is Mico, from Beijing a city in China.     

  I've graduated from Beijing Contemporary Music Institute Jazz Department in 2002, major is jazz drum , and then I gone to the Europe to continue study jazz, I ever study in Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, DJAM Music School in Amsterdam, now I'm studying in Advanced Class of Vienna Music Institute. I saw your website and I I totally agree with your mostly opinions about Mr. Chinese Night Club Owner and jazz situation in China. it's truth, modern China still is very young country and has so many things to learn from western country, especially jazz. jazz music just is a new thing in china, so young and feel fresh, most of people couldn't understand or they don't want to understand, but I still remember my professor Izumi Koga's saying,( he's Japanese who graduated from Berklee Music College in Boston, now he is dean of jazz department in Beijing Contemporary Music Institute) he told me if you want to be a good musician or good drummer, you must study jazz music, because jazz is so depth, so mysterious, like ocean, including any kinds of music elements, if you could play jazz music then you could play any kinds of music. I couldn't understand what he said at the beginning, but now I've knew it.

I think nowadays mostly so call Chinese musician or jazz musicians in china whom don't have much patience to do music, they just think about the money, they just think enough as they grasped a few techniques and basic methods of jazz instruments, they don't want to get much progress, they don't want to spend much time in practice, that's really terrible I think!!

I could watch many different good jazz Live in |Europe , especially in Vienna, this city like big stage, many excellent musicians from different country, mostly from NYC. I really like American jazz, I think is quite different from European jazz, after all jazz original from America, from black man, they really got lot of soul in jazz. and in other side, I can get many information and music magazine, music text book ,cds in Europe, I could learn lot of thins, but I can't get these in China, that's why I want to study jazz in western country. there are a lot of young Chinese people studying abroad but the vast majority of them is studying subjects unrelated to the arts, moreover those studying music are mostly studying classical music, the number of people choosing modern music is in deed very limited, as I know I am the first Chinese student who study jazz in my school, my professor feels so surprise, he unexpectedly has jazz in China.
  Thanks Mico Greg                                          music                           

I've been Shanghai last summer, but I feel so disappointed about jazz in Shanghai, usually people think about Shanghai is the best city for jazz in China, but I don't think so, although has lot of jazz bar and band in Shanghai, but they are not professional, some band so amateurish ( of course including some western player ) , I think is not real jazz what they play, they even don't have any rehearsal, just play same tune everyday. I've have a talk with a drummer in Shanghai, he told me directly, in Shanghai, money is very important, we play jazz just for money, because Shanghainers very rich, they willing pay much money to listen jazz, but they don't know nothing about jazz. I think he said its truth!!! just for money! I don't like Shanghai, after all most of Chinese couldn't understand, most of club owner couldn't understand, they would like to give much money to foreigners, they like foreigners because they think people who got western face is very popular in China, like as your complain, club owner willing paid the terrible pop singer from Canada 6000 for one night, that's really unfair!!!!!!it's really hard to communicate with Chinese club owner unless you lost your principle, I'm native Chinese, so I know them, they are really typical Chinese business man.

I can't express myself very well in English, hope you could understand what I mean.
but just complain is useless I think, it's hard to change jazz situation in China for a short time, but I think it will be getting better and better.

 I know many western musicians come to China whom really want to improve and help Chinese musician and jazz atmosphere like you., I really hope have more and more Chinese people love jazz, more and more Chinese musicians could study in the western country in the future, I want to go back to China to play music, I don't want to live in Europe, I think is good for study but now good for live in Europe. I never been to Shenzhen, but I want to go there, want to make new friend and good musicians, I think has many opportunity in China to do jazz. could you introduce some band to me I can join them and find a good place to play? I don't know anyone in Shenzhen, I will be finish my school in a few month, I hope we can meet in Shenzhen, I think you are intelligence and funny when I saw your website, you got young heart!! I'm just 23 years old, too young for you, hope you don't mind the age, I want to play with in someday, lets keep in touch!!
 Sincerely Mico