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Today, I have listened to a Gospel Choir with very fine soloist, Wagner’s Ring and some vocal music from the 40’s on a tune called Only a Paper Moon.  Now, how can we make sense out of all of this is my question? I have been and still am studying music to see what it is made of.  I have learned that the modern time has passed me up and I am living in the past and the present at the same time.  But my present is not the present of today’s youth.  My desire to be a rape musician is dull or Gospel Choir musician, even though I did perform with the Martin Luther King Choir in New York and was the soloist with Nat Adderley on Trumpet at the famous Theatre on 125th Street.

I know I have some very strong feelings about modern pop music.  I would not even call it music it is pure entertainment.  Now would you ask me if I like the Wagner’s Ring.  I would say no, this presentation, it was too dark and sad.  So what is wrong with me Wagner is an established composer and well respected in the musical world, but here I am saying I have a lot of trouble relating to it.  So what does that make me I do not know?  Just am telling my feeling about it.  Because this is what this newsletter is all about what kind of music should we like and respect. My point is many people do not even think about it or care about it. Must we respect it all or must we pick and choose this music?  I am saying Only a Paper Moon was a song I could relate too because I performed with the group who made it famous many times in different supper clubs in the States.

The Gospel Choir was very good, but it had too much dancing and flash and took away from the music. 

I go into restaurants and they have music playing so soft you cannot hear it.  So what is the point of having music on if you cannot hear it?  You go into a disco and the music is so loud it hurts your ears.  And sometimes it is just a beat and they call it music!!!

I can say I am lost in this world of so many kinds of music and attitudes.  I am trying to present my attitude and my music which is instrumental solo music.  Now is this important?  I guess it is because it is both (important and unimportant).

In Shenzhen, people hear do not even know what jazz music is or the history of it.  It is very complex and detailed going into about 15 different styles and basic rhythms: Latin, Pop, Swing, Avant garde, Modern, Main Stream, Blues, Gospel, Big Band, Jazz Band, Dance Band Music, Blues (Chicago Style, New Orleans, 30’s, BeBop Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Nashville Blues etc.) Latin Jazz, Fusion, Broadway, Vocal, Sinatra Big Band Style, etc.

So my music comes in about the 50 and goes to the 80 from a historical point of view.  I have some very modern music but I would not call it jazz.  It is a new kind of improvisation music.  I ask myself why am I doing this?  It puzzles me sometimes why just I cannot be a pop star like everybody else.  Why do I have this drive to be an artist?  Someone different, why do not I want to blend in?

Well some of us have a responsibility not to be part of the masses but to stand out and be different to contribute to world history and not just be a part of it and watch it go by.  But this meaning is too off the wall and why would anybody want to believe me.  Is Greg all right?  I can hear it all ready.

My point is all of us have a taste in music.  The point of this letter is I would hope you could expand your list of items on your music list and try to venture out into other areas.  I am and I have been studying music all my life. Go through your record collection and make a judgment of what music you like. Maybe you can enjoy it on a higher level and it will give you more pleasure. 


Just some thoughts about listening to music!  Greg Henry Waters




Objective:  This newsletter came out of my experiences dealing in a new culture and a new history plus my experiences in the USA and Canada. The purpose of the newsletter is to provoke serious thought about musical art.  What is it? Where should it be going?  In addition, what is going on in China?  I write about my personal experiences and my thoughts about them. My music is here.  Am I really who I say I am.  The proof is here just listening. http://greghenrywaters.com/mp3 50 Songs to listen to!




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