Greg Henry Waters News LetterApril 25, 2005


Hi folks how have you all been?  Hope you have been well and are enjoying life without too much suffering.  You know when you suffer God is trying to teach you something and that is how to live a better life and be stronger plus being purer.  When your body becomes a temple of the divine ‘they’ say you have reached the highest stage in life.  I pray that you all can enjoy this divine bliss as I do everyday.  Through my art I try to share this feeling of the divine which is neither good nor evil but the ever presence energy of the universe from the all pervading universe, everlasting and forever, and we are just a spec of nothing in this great world.  Just look at the pictures of outer space to get an idea of what I am talking about.  It is so huge that it is impossible for us to comprehend it.  The divine ones call it eternity. (Time and space as one idea, one place not separate rooms, and we see in the physical world not a separate place but together as one in union with the divine male and female.  This is why we have such a need to unite with the opposite sex because it is the eternal union of the divine eternity within us. But for some reason people have denied themselves this possibility.  They just want to live in the physical world not the divine world.


I have studied for many years Tibetan Buddhism and read the books of Evan Wentz a great teacher, his money profession was a middle school director, but I read his books and enjoyed them very much.  My yoga teacher also translated some of his ideas into the Western Book of the Dead to bring Tibetan Buddhism to the Western World.   I had to take over his school of Eastern Thought both from China and India because there was no one else with this kind of ability.  I spent years placing his books on the internet and trying to become a worthy teacher to pass these traditions to others.  For 30 years or more I have been looking for a student to take my place but have not found anybody.  I hope soon I will find a student before I die who can carry on the Yogi’s work.  The Yogi was murdered some April 14, 1999 ago in Toronto by a gunman who came to his door and put two bullets in his head.



So yesterday I spent the day at the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan and saw an exhibition of the Tibetan artists put on by the Chinese Government.  It was so wonderful that I have to tell you about this.  It brought me home into myself and helped me remember who I really am and not what others want me to be.  The divine presents are in the items, statues, paintings and tapestry as if all the saints and yogis were alive today.  You see, this is what great art was and is when you feel the artist presence’s in his or her work of art.  The monks use art to build the character of their students not to build their egos into thinking that they are something special.  This is the true purpose of art to bring us to the divine, the universal, the eternal presence of the now. This is why I get so sick sometimes when I see people acting out an artist’s life when it has nothing to do with the divine; it is only a personal glorification of them-selves.


I also saw and learned yesterday that when I bring out the demons in the common man they look at me as a devil and monster. You can see the masks of the monsters as seen by common people at this website.  There are some wonderful pieces of Tibetan Art there.


Anyway, I do not want to be a monster, but sometimes people make me out to be one.  And this why I figured out I have not been a successful musician because people cannot see who I am because of their own ego.  Their ego wants to destroy people like me because some how this is the divine law of life.  For the world needs both the good man and the common man to continue on. The Yogi’s wife who was also a gifted dancer and artist and she was my teacher in the spiritual life for seven years.  She was truly a great artist but the Canadian Government never gave her a grant to be part of the local establishment in Canada.  She was always passed by and applied to them each year for over 25 years.  You see, she was still able to earn a living because she was a special teacher and students would come to her to learn. She often talked to me about this problem to teach me what my life would be like in the future not different from hers.  For the world is full of big egos that have no purpose and meaning except their own selfishness.


These words come from the exhibition yesterday because I can remember who I really am.


View some of the pictures I found on the net about Tibet Art.


Well, as you know living a life as real artist is not easy because people only respect money and not culture.  There are only a few of us who respect culture and real beauty.  Most people do not even think about it or care.  When I was younger I used to think the most important thing in the world was creating the most beautiful improvisation on my instruments.  I have tried to create these improvisations on my instruments and music: pop, jazz. Latin and classical music which you can hear on my website examples of the most important thing in my life.  I call it 25 years of my music in New York City. So it is so important to me but of little importance to others.  Well, the other day when I was performing in my friends band a Japanese lady came up to me and said, “you are a national treasure” plus giving me a big kiss.


I have not been doing much music lately because I have been learning how to live my new life in New York City.  Every week I move forward slowly.  I wish there would be a wonderful woman in my life to be here with me to love me and share my life.  But maybe this dream is only a dream.  I just will not accept anybody anymore I have learned my lessons.


The other topic on want to talk about is food and health.  We are living in an economic world that demands money.  This goal of money kills people in many ways: over work, bad food, bad choice of food, greed, envy, ego driven desires, and traditions I think are the worst habits we have with food.  Remember without a healthy body we are nothing.  We must take care of our bodies.  God or the universe will punish us if we do not.  It is written in the laws of life. 


We live in a new age of food knowledge and body knowledge.  We have to learn about this just as we have to learn about reading and writing. is the saint of food and health in this country, USA.  We can all learn from him if we take the time.  He believes if we eat right and do the right things we can live to 150 years.  He says we kill ourselves slowly everyday by what we do.


I have lived with four different women in my life and loved them to the best of my ability, but you know they all made me sick with their food.  For each person needs to plan his or her own diet.  We just cannot eat anything.  We must become artists of food.


I am living alone now, my children have left me, my wives have left me, but the good news is I can take care of myself and live a healthy life for the first time in my life.  I make my own decisions about food now.  If I do not eat right it is my food.  I do not have to ask someone this, “can you make this for me or cook this for me in this way?” I choose this.  This is so wonderful and so liberating I cannot believe it. I do not have to take Viagra to have a strong penis.  It is strong and alive. 


I read yesterday on the sign on a side of a small truck these words.  “Food is a necessity but dining is an art.”  I say, “health is an Art not a given”.  “Mental health is an Art not a given.” This is so right we all have to become artists of food and mind.  You know you have to take care of yourself.  A doctor can give you advice but you are the one living this life and you make the decisions what goes into your mouth and mind.


I wish you all the best in your life and wish that you all can enjoy these wonderful teachings of the Tibetans and Gary Null.  I hope too you can enjoy my improvisation.  I will try to do more and make them more perfect.  I hope soon to start composing again on my new Pentium Computer I just built for about 600 dollars.


Greg Henry Waters