An e-mail from a friend here in Shenzhen.  For me this is a wonderful letter expressing views that need to be more wide-spread.


Greg Henry Waters

Here is the e-mail from John


Thanks very much for your Greg's music website. 

 I agree with you that labor and gain should supplement each other.  Your work takes efforts and talent, benefits the society and musicians like you with good moral character nowadays are hard to find. 

Your Jazz music is so peaceful, non-violent, non-sexual and all about nature and an embodiment of calmness and wisdom.  Countries like China throughout Asia are mostly chaotic in one way or another and your Jazz music would give people a peace of mind and help put everything in an orderly way.

I am very proud of you being as a unique and solo music performer.  Just like flu being widespread, I believe that not all popular things or music out there are necessary of good things; the best things always seem rare.  I hope more and more people would hear your voice and be aware that not all musicians in modern time are morons, playing music of all kinds just for the sake of money and caring little for morality. 

Your friend in Shenzhen, China,