Greg Henry Waters Newsletter 2 January 2005.



Topic: Finding real music and other info.


Thank you for all the feedback from my last newsletter. It really created a lot of interest and great comments from the readers. Please visit to read their letters from all over the world.


The University of Illinois released their new web-browser The FireFox which is really a good browser and makes surfing the net simpler with all the built in plug-ins and you can download others. So if you are looking for easier surfing download this program for all operating systems formats.


Next: Gary Null, if you are interested the world health this is the man to contact for he covers all these subjects and he even has some jazz programs on his site from the 30s. He has a daily radio show on the net you can turn into about personal and world health. He has 100 of articles on his site that centers on the real health issues of today. He is not afraid to speak out. He said, I am not trying to be politically correct I am trying to do what is right. Hurray for Gary as I see it.


Looking for internet radio: You know here in New York there is not one 24 hour jazz-station, and this is suppose to be the jazz capital of the world and the greatest city in the world. Well, no one asked me about it?

I cannot listen to jazz on the radio here, because the jazz station in New Jersey, I cannot receive in my apartment the signal is not strong enough from where I live. So I started to search on the net to find something to listen too that is real and not pop culture. This will satisfy all your listening needs. You do not need a player it just starts playing.

Enjoy: Jazz, Classical + they have lots of styles of music.


We do not have such a system here in New York because New York still has a lot of cultural problems based on the ethnic problems and political structure. It is not a unified city for there are many cultures and many divisions and a lot of the cultures do not want to integrate they just want to promote their culture and not really become Americans. I have learned from living in four countries one really has to learn the language of the country one is living in and learn the customs if one wants to be happy. In my experience even if one does this it is difficult to do.

Plus the working permit was the most difficult thing for me I had jobs but could not work because of the internal laws. It does not make one feel welcome really. So eventually I came home because of this problem.


Thanks to the internet we are freer to explore the truth. You can read many books at my yoga site. Visit there if you are looking for something to read.


If you are interested in reading about music visit my website under music news. I have over 50 articles about music there and the music business.


There is an underground of quality people and products in the world. However we have to look for them and educate ourselves to enjoy them. The business community for the most part wants to protect their interest and really do not care about quality. The TV stations are just interested in promoting their business. Even the PBS stations here are controlled by big business not the educational interest of the nation. Gary Null was taken off PBS because he was talking against children eating sugar. Now he is on the internet where I hope he will be free to express himself.


There are so many problems here in New York about inner city education that it is hard to believe. 3000 students lined up to take an entrance exam for 350 places in a so called high standard school. This is not providing quality education for these students. Why cannot all these students be placed in the school is my question?


Today, here, four people got murdered, the entire family including children. It is just awful that people think that killing solves problems. The family came here for freedom and all they got was part of their family all being murdered. One of the relatives said this is not freedom. I can only agree with him.


If you have good websites to visit or music stations to visit let me know and I will place the URLs on my website.


Remember, we have to create a real culture not let the Mc Donald culture take over. I just got done listening to a forceful performance of Phil Woods. Wow-however it was too powerful for me. I like gentleness in music too. We need gentleness in the world not force. God is gentle. If music be the voice of God it should be gentle.


Your feed back is important.



Greg Henry Waters

Artists of Music and Yoga Arts