Greg Henry Waters Performance Friday Oct. 10, 2003


What is jazz?


We start out this introduction to jazz with a tune from the 1930s called (1) Honey Suckle Rose. The main instruments in jazz are Trumpet, Clarinet and Tenor Sax. These were the instruments that began the jazz tradition, especially the trumpet.


(2) When Sunny Gets Blue is a ballad from the 1970 when jazz musicians were using pop songs to promote their music. Remember that jazz is not a popular art form like pop music now, but it was the most popular art form in USA in the 1940s. Now it is an underground type of music for jazz lovers.


(3) Nows the Time, is a blues which all jazz music is supposedly based on. It is 12 bars and it repeats those bars every 48 beats. The difference between rhythm and blues and jazz blues is the harmony and the rhythmic style. People get these two styles of music all confused in their minds.


(4) Solitude is a traditional jazz ballad from the 1940s that is very popular song with jazz musicians. Jazz is supposed to be a creative art form and allowing the musician to express his individual self. However, in the last 30 years, this idea has been completely miss understood and there are so few real individual jazz musicians. Most jazz musicians play traditional jazz so that they can find work rather than be experimental and creative.


(5) The Days of Wine and Roses was arranged in a modern style to express a modern mode and not so traditional. This is a standard and popular tune that jazz musicians liked to improvise too. Remember, jazz music is an art form where the musician changes the melody and harmony to his own way. This is called improvisation.


(6) Song is You, a Big Band arrangement of this song. The big bands were very popular during the forties and they were the most popular form of music at that time. In addition, some bands like Benny Goodman even got into instrumental art music.


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